Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The conceptualization of sustainable entrepreneurship, as a contemporary form of entrepreneurship, incorporates the need not just to pursue increased profit margins but also to develop high environmental performance and address social issues. Climate change, natural resources scarcity, energy costs, and consumers' demand for environmentally friendly products boost enterprises towards a creative and innovative transformation by adopting sustainable strategies and activities. 

Dr. Nikolaos Apostolopoulos explores the area of sustainable entrepreneurship and its impact on the economy and society for the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre. The contribution of sustainable entrepreneurship to the SDGs is undoubtedly overwhelming, and the Paris (COP21) climate change agreement will introduce a broad spectrum of green regulations and standards that enterprises will not only have to comply with but also undertake a leading role so as to create a green added value. Thus, sustainability will shape competition and drive changes in the global context. 

Forecasting the future, the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre develops robust research in sustainable entrepreneurship shaping the future.