Language opportunities
French and Spanish are the two modern European languages taught to honours degree level in the attractive and well equipped Faculty of Business. Entry to the French minor requires you to have reached A level standard, whereas the Spanish minor offers two entry points; either at A level or fast-track ab-initio (beginners). Your studies will last for three to four years, depending on whether you choose to engage in a year of study or work placement abroad. Plymouth, with its regular ferry services to France and Spain, is ideally located to facilitate travel of this nature.

Language minors: French and Spanish

Year one   
Year one will provide you with a thorough grounding in advanced language study. Language classes will build upon speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, together with a systematic revision of grammar. In addition to enhancing linguistic competency you will also follow a series of lectures and seminars based on cultural difference and intercultural communication. These are designed to prepare you for working life in a globalised world in which interaction with other cultures is crucial to success. 

If you’re studying Fast-Track ab-initio Spanish (from beginners level), an intensive language module will cover the whole year. 

Year two   
In your second year you will continue to develop your language skills and will be strongly encouraged to spend your third year either studying at one of our partner universities abroad, or undertaking an approved work placement. Should you choose to go abroad you will receive the appropriate preparation and will have the opportunity to convert to a Joint Honours degree in your major subject and foreign language minor. In addition, you will further develop your understanding and appreciation of other cultures by examining a range of aspects which define Francophone and Hispanic worlds. This will be achieved through both academic study and the personal experience of a field trip. 

If you’re studying Fast-Track ab-initio Spanish, you will focus on extending your language skills throughout the year.

Final year  
In your final year, a suite of more advanced and challenging exercises, such as translations, presentations, discussions and essay writing, will further develop your linguistic competency. You will continue to examine cultural aspects relating to Hispanic and Francophone worlds and will be required to engage actively in independent research and analysis, with supervision where appropriate. 

Course features
  • Opportunity to work or study abroad at one of our partner universities
  • Taught by an experienced team of linguists
  • Academic research interests include aspects of modern French and Spanish culture and society, development of modern languages, language acquisition, e-learning and cultural studies.
Language electives
In addition, timetable permitting, all students can choose a language as an elective if they so wish. Language electives are available in German, French, Spanish and Mandarin. Students should seek guidance from a member of the Languages Group to ensure that they have selected the appropriate language module. Listed below are the proficiency requirements for our language electives:

Complete beginners or those who have achieved grades C, D, E at GCSE:  
FREX01 (French 1)
GERX01 (German 1)
SPNX01 (Spanish 1)
MANX001 (Mandarin 1)

Plymouth University modules French 1/Spanish 1/German 1 or grades A and B at GCSE:
FREX02 (French 2)
SPNX02 (Spanish 2)
GERX02 (German 2)

Plymouth University modules French 2/Spanish 2 or AS level (or equivalent):
FREX03 (French 3)
SPNX03 (Spanish 3)

Plymouth University modules French 3/Spanish 3 or A level (or equivalent):
FREX400 (Advanced French 1)
SPNX400 (Advanced Spanish 1)

Plymouth University modules Advanced French 1/Advanced Spanish 1 (or equivalent):
FREX500 (Advanced French 2)
SPNX500 (Advanced Spanish 2)

Plymouth University modules Advanced French 2/ Advanced Spanish 2 (or equivalent):
FREX600 (Advanced French 3)
SPNX600 (Advanced Spanish 3)

For students who have spent time abroad in a French or Spanish speaking country:
FREX700 (Advanced French 4)
SPNX700 (Advanced Spanish 4)

Career opportunities 
The globalisation of trade has given rise to an increasingly competitive and complex job market. Our language minors, with their strong practical orientation, will develop both your linguistic and intercultural skills and fully equip you for the world of work. Research shows that graduates with a sound knowledge of French or Spanish, together with extensive experience of living abroad, are much in demand. Our graduates have pursued a variety of careers, ranging from teaching to sales and exports, from translation to IT. For those who have completed their first degree, there is also the opportunity to engage in further postgraduate study.

Meet the Team
Programme Manager: Dr Danielle Bishop
German: Dr Jacquie Hope
French: Dr Danielle Bishop, Mr Simon Bréus and Dr Charlie Mansfield
Spanish: Dr Chelo de Andrés Martínez, Mr Philip Edwards, Ms Blanca Del Cerro-García and Ms Irene García Ruiz