Plymouth Business School research

Our research active community produces high quality multi and interdisciplinary research of local, national and international importance. Studying at Plymouth Business School will connect you with this research and thought leadership– translating, applying and testing ideas, concepts and models into the world of business. You will be working with pioneering academics of global standing who have extensive and active networks in a range of industries.

Institute for Social, Policy and Enterprise Research (iSPER)

Plymouth Business School has solid research foundations delivered, in part, through the Institute for Social, Policy and Enterprise Research (iSPER) 

iSPER brings together academics from across the University of Plymouth and supports them in delivering high quality and impactful social, enterprise and policy research. 

iSPER's key research strengths are reflected in its Themed Research Groups (TRGs), which bring together academics from across different disciplines who have a shared interest in a specific research theme. 

Our latest publications

  • Dubey R, Gunasekaran A, Childe S, Blome C & Papadopoulos T 2019 'Big Data and Predictive Analytics and Manufacturing Performance: Integrating Institutional Theory, Resource-Based View and Big Data Culture' British Journal of Management 30, (2) 341-361 , DOI PEARL
  • Xue C, Tang L & Walters D 2019 'OHS Indicators and Under-reporting: Case Studies in Chinese Shipping' Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations 74, (1) 141-161 PEARL
  • Shang J 2019 'Giving Intention versus Giving Behavior: How Differently Do Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment Relate to Them?' Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly , DOI PEARL
  • Moizer J, Lean J, Dell’Aquila E, Walsh P, Keary AA, O'Byrne D, Di Ferdinando A, Miglino O, Friedrich R 2019 'An approach to evaluating the user experience of serious games' Computers and Education 136, 141-151 , DOI PEARL
  • Al-Husseini S, El Beltagi I & Moizer J 2019 'Transformational leadership and innovation: the mediating role of knowledge sharing amongst higher education faculty' International Journal of Leadership in Education 1-24 , DOI PEARL
  • Zhang J & Huang R 2019 'Employees' pro-environmental behaviours (PEBs) at international hotel chains (IHCs) in China: The mediating role of environmental concerns (ECs)' Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 39, 129-136 , DOI PEARL
  • Elaine G, Moizer J, Stephen W & Haddoud MY 2019 'Student learning in higher education through blogging in the classroom' Computers and Education , DOI PEARL
  • Dubey R, Gunasekaran A, Childe SJ, Fosso Wamba S, Roubaud D & Forupon C 2019 'Empirical Investigation of Data Analytics Capability and Organizational Flexibility as Complements to Supply Chain Resilience' International Journal of Production Research PEARL
  • Bhardwaj S, Bhattacharya S, Tang L & Howell K 2019 'Technology introduction on ships: the tension between safety and economic rationality' Safety Science 115, 329-329 , DOI PEARL
  • Sampson H, Turgo N, Acejo I, Ellis N & Tang L 2019 '‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’: The Implications of Lost Autonomy and Trust for Professionals at Sea' Work, Employment and Society , DOI PEARL
  • Dubey R, Gunasekaran A, Childe SJ, Roubaud D, Fosso Wamba S, Giannakis M & Foropon C 2019 'Big Data Analytics and Organizational Culture as Complements to Swift Trust and Collaborative Performance in the Humanitarian Supply Chain' International Journal of Production Economics PEARL
  • Shang J 2019 'Identity and Charitable Giving The Six-Self Framework' PEARL
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  • Childe SJ 2019 'Editorial' Production Planning & Control 30, (1) 1-1 , DOI
  • Dubey R, Gunasekaran A, Childe SJ, Papadopoulos T & Helo P 2019 'Supplier Relationship Management for Circular Economy: Influence of External Pressures and Top Management Commitment' Management Decision 57, (4) 767-790 , DOI PEARL