Plymouth Business School research

Our research active community produces high quality multi and interdisciplinary research of local, national and international importance. Studying at Plymouth Business School will connect you with this research and thought leadership– translating, applying and testing ideas, concepts and models into the world of business. You will be working with pioneering academics of global standing who have extensive and active networks in a range of industries.

Institute for Social, Policy and Enterprise Research (iSPER)

Plymouth Business School has solid research foundations delivered, in part, through the Institute for Social, Policy and Enterprise Research (iSPER) 

iSPER brings together academics from across the University of Plymouth and supports them in delivering high quality and impactful social, enterprise and policy research. 

iSPER's key research strengths are reflected in its Themed Research Groups (TRGs), which bring together academics from across different disciplines who have a shared interest in a specific research theme. 

Our latest publications

  • Tang L & Gekara V 2018 'The importance of customer expectations: An analysis of CSR in container shipping' Journal of Business Ethics , DOI PEARL
  • Kim C-S, Dinwoodie J & Seo Y-J 2018 'Inter-Firm Cooperation and Collaboration in Shipper-Shipping Company Relationships for Enhancing Sustainability' Sustainability 10, (10) Author Site , DOI PEARL
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  • Kroger-Knight H, Megicks P, Agarwal S & Leenders MAAM 2018 'Firm Resources and Environmental Sustainable Development among SMEs: Evidence from the Australian Wine Industry' Business Strategy and the Environment PEARL
  • Dubey R, Gunasekaran A, Childe SJ, Luo Z, Fosso Wamba S, Roubaud D & Foropon C 2018 'Examining the role of Big Data & Predictive Analytics on Collaborative Performance in context of Sustainable Consumption and Production Behaviour' Journal of Cleaner Production PEARL
  • Tang L & Bhattacharya S 2018 'Beyond the management-employee dyad: supply chain initiatives in shipping' Industrial Relations Journal 49, (3) 196-210 , DOI PEARL
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  • Konara P & Shirodkar V 2018 'Regulatory institutional distance and MNCs’ subsidiary performance: climbing up vs. climbing down the institutional ladder' Journal of International Management , DOI PEARL
  • Jackson N 2018 'Information, issues, and supporters: The application of online persuasion in the 2015 General Election' Journal of Public Affairs , DOI PEARL
  • Dinwoodie J 2018 'Sustainability Management in Smaller UK Ports to Promote More Sustainable Freight Transport' in Zeimpekis V; Aktas E; Bourlakis M; Minis I Sustainable Freight Transport Theory, Models, and Case Studies Springer 31-46 , DOI
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