Ashley Belanger

Executive revolutionary, Rhode Island Urban Debate League

"I’m part of Rogare because this is my life’s work.

"I believe the social sector has tremendous collective power - and an obligation - to solve the world’s most pressing problems. But no matter an organisation’s mission, it cannot achieve real impact at any scale unless it can provide adequate resources to execute a top-notch strategy.

"I had the great fortune of finding a world-class (no joke) mentor when I first entered the sector. Most people aren’t so lucky. In fact, it seems many people enter the field of fundraising blindly, believing that best guesses and a couple ‘tricks of the trade’ will suffice. I joined Rogare in order to inspire a new generation of fundraising and non-profit professionals to aspire to greatness. Because it’s possible. And because it’s imperative."

Ashley Belanger is the Executive Revolutionary of the Rhode Island Urban Debate League and a bona fide non-profit nerd. She has been at the helm of the League since its incorporation in 2010 and has led all aspects of the organisation’s growth and development. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Smith College; a sizeable collection of books pertaining to fundraising, social psychology, marketing, governance, and business; and a handful of world class mentors. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Rhode Island and has presented on topics including non-profit governance, board building, and start-up fundraising.

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