Cristy Cunnick

Managing director, Ethi-call

"I was honoured to be invited to join Rogare because I am convinced that academic research can provide a stronger foundation for fundraising.

"I am passionate about ethics, particularly in business so having the opportunity to own a business based on strong ethical decision-making is the icing on my particular cake. I believe ethical business is sound business, and ethical fundraising leads to long term income for charities. That's why the work that Rogare are undertaking is hugely valuable, because it will provide evidence to support best practice across our sector."

History graduate, Cristy Cunnick is Managing Director of Ethicall Ltd, a fundraising centre employing 250 people, based in Bristol. With 14 years' experience, she is a qualified member of the Institute of Fundraising MinstF. Cristy left a career in recruitment for fundraising to make a difference in the world.