Rogare reports

All Rogare’s reports and outputs can be downloaded here:

Review of fundraising ethics:

White paper Rights stuff: Fundraising’s ethics gap and a new normative theory of fundraising v1.1, by Ian MacQuillin.

Green paper Less than my job’s worth: Is fundraising a profession and does it matter if it isn’t?, by Ian MacQuillin.

Green paper (beneficiary framing) – Positive and negative feedback: What does existing academic research tell us about whether positive or negative framing raises more money?, by Ruth Smyth and Ian MacQuillin.

Relationship fundraising

Relationship fundraising: where do we go from here?

Vol 1: Review of theory from relationship marketing, by Adrian Sargeant.

Vol 2: Review of theory from social psychology, by Ian MacQuillin, Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang.

Vol 3: Trends and challenges identified by practitioners, by Ian MacQuillin.

Vol 4: Summary report, by Ian MacQuillin and Adrian Sargeant.

Barriers to relationship fundraising.

National reports



Canada – 2018

Italy – 2018

USA – 2018

Critical fundraising

Rogare’s Theory of Change, by Ian MacQuillin and Amanda Shepard (Rogare International Advisory Panel).

A practical guide for critical thinking in fundraising, by Cherian Koshy and Ashley Belanger (both Rogare International Advisory Panel).

This is a Fundraising Office’ manifesto.

Consultation responses

Fundraising Regulator (UK): Code of practice, April 2017.

House of Lords (UK): Select committee on charities, September 2016.

The Fundraising Regulator (UK): Fundraising Preference Service, March 2016.

Charity Commission (UK): revisions to CC20 – fundraising guide for trustees, February 2016.

NCVO (UK): Etherington review of self-regulation, July 2015.

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