Leah Attwell

During my BSc Psychology programme I've spent a year on placement with the University of Massachusetts Boston, and with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. I have a very active role as a member of a research team working on Dr Sharon Lamb’s research and education projects concerning sexual ethics and bystander intervention in sexual assault. I have been given the opportunity to attend a number of workshops, talks, and classes, whilst also being involved in the organisation of the Annual Association for Moral Education Conference.

During my first three months I have learnt an incredible amount and gained some amazing experience. I now have a first-hand understanding of what it means to be part of a research team throughout the research process, I’ve had the opportunity to gather and analyse data, and I feel I can now better utilise and critique research based on its methods and theoretical framework. My time at Harvard has further expanded the way I think about issues and I’ve had the opportunity to talk with and learn from academics doing innovative research in the fields of moral, civic, and citizenship education.

I have met some particularly inspirational and awe-inspiring researchers and built connections I hope will help my academic career. This has been, and continues to be, the most fulfilling opportunity I’ve had. It fuels my drive to become an academic every day.