Mathematical Sciences facilities
The Maths Lab - This is a student study area in the same building as our lecturers. It is equipped with many boards and a data projector for practising presentations.

Tablet PCs - Individual Tablet PCs are given to students to support their learning. They can be used to read the e-books provided to students; to access lecture notes and podcasts as well as module sites and email.

Clickers – These interactive devices are used for in-class voting and give staff and students anonymous feedback about student progress in modules. 

SUM:UP - SUM:UP is a mathematics and statistics drop-in area in the library. It is staffed from 10am - 4pm on weekdays during term. The library is itself open 24/7 all year long.

IT facilities - Students also have access to a range of modern computing facilities which include PC-equipped tutorial rooms and PC- and Mac-equipped open access labs, as well as WiFi access and license support for your devices. All machines have MS Office as standard.

Scientific software - We use a range of professional mathematical software. This includes systems for symbolic manipulation and visualisation (Maple), programming and computational mathematics (Matlab), as well as statistical computing and data analysis (R-studio).

High Performance Computing for project work - For project students we can offer access to High Performance Computing, and, for interested advanced students we support the use of modern scientific programming languages (C, C++, Fortran and Open MPI).