Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a very important part of studying geography. In addition to local field visits associated with specialist modules, residential fieldwork is built in to each of the three years of our degrees.

Year 1

We get out for a residential field trip right at the beginning of the course. We currently travel to Bath where we stay for three nights and travel out each day to a new location at which we look at key themes in human and physical geography. In addition to the academic benefits, it also provides an opportunity for you and the staff to get to know each other.

Year 2

Our second year residential fieldwork enhances your knowledge and understanding of geographical patterns and processes in the field environment, using appropriate research techniques. Parallel fieldtrips are run to County Clare in western Ireland and to Morlaix in Brittany. Many of the research techniques and research processes employed in these trips can be used in the production of your final year dissertation.

Year 3

You can opt to undertake an advanced field study, relating to specific human and / or physical geographical issues in the visited area. After an introduction to key themes, you'll conduct a group research project of your own design. We offer three or four destinations each year, and recent destinations have included Belize, China, Iceland, Portugal and the USA.


Where the field course is a compulsory part of the programme, the transport, accommodation and the majority of food costs are paid by the school. This applies to our fieldwork in years 1 and 2. There will be additional costs for the optional field course in Year 3.


Fieldwork is a vital part of geography and ours is among the very best programmes in the UK.

This short video shows some of the issues explored by our final year students on their trip to the Pacific North West region of the USA in 2016.