Frequently asked questions


Where does FREDA meet and for how long and how frequently?

FREDA meets at a venue at the University of Plymouth and the meetings are usually for two hours. We meet at least bi-monthly during the academic year.

Who can attend the meetings and how can I join?

Anyone who is involved in social work /health professionals student practice learning in the South West of England can join. This includes students, service users and carers, practice assessors. practice educators, agency staff, academic teaching staff, practice supervisors and other practitioners. FREDA is an open forum/network. Please contact [insert contact details TBC]

What are the core values of FREDA?

The core philosophy of FREDA is to encourage engagement in the learning debate to help us to understand the history of racism and other forms of discrimination, and the implications of this history for contemporary social work practice. Please see the Standards for the Promotion of Race Equality, Human Rights and Social Justice.

How does FREDA decide the topics for learning events?

We have discussions about this at the meetings. We try to select a topic, which is contemporary and linked to legal /policy changes in the UK and where we are aware there are high levels of discrimination/oppression.

How can I make a donation or contribute to the group?

Please contact us - [insert contact details TBC]

How is FREDA funded?

We have no regular funding per se however we are supported by our partnership with the University of Plymouth who provide rooms for us to meet in, conference rooms for events, one off payments for refreshments at events, and travel expenses for representatives from the Service User and Carer Consultative Group to attend FREDA meetings and events. The University of Plymouth also support and host our website.