School of Health Professions interview days - social work

Please make sure you download all of the non-academic requirements documents listed below.

Your interview day

1) Written test: the brief written test will be the first task of the day and will provide us with evidence of your ability to write clearly and coherently in English. We will also score you in relation to spelling, punctuation and grammar and self awareness and personal insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. If you have a specific disability, please contact us in advance of the day so that we can make ‘reasonable adjustments’ if required.

2) Group discussion: we suggest that you do some reading and research in advance of the day to enable you to have a discussion within a small group. This task will be observed by the panel.

The topic will be: ‘What is the role of social workers in modern society?’

Suggested reading: (this website discusses current social work issues)

The Guardian newspaper ‘society section’.

Lishman, J , Yuill, c, Brannan, J & Gibson, A ( 2014) Social Work: An Introduction. London, Sage.

Thompson, N. Understanding social work; Preparing for practice. (2009) Palgrave Macmillan
Doel, M. Social work; The basics (2012) Routledge

Horner, N. What is social work? (Transforming social work practice series) (2012) Learning Matters 4th Ed.

3) Individual interview: this will be your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the social work role and how you can utilise your experience and skills to contribute in a positive way to the profession. Usually, a panel of three people including academic staff, employers and service users/carers will ask you questions.

The decision to offer places is based on your performance in all the above alongside both your references and original application.

Please bring some form of photo identification with you, such as a passport or driving license. You will not be able to complete your interview without this.