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Dr Agnieszka Kosinska

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


2005 – 2009      University of St Andrews,  PhD, Organic Chemistry

Thesis: “N-hydroxyguanidines and related compounds as nitric oxide donors” 

2003 - 2005       University of San Francisco, MSc, Analytical Chemistry

Thesis: “Voltammetric Studies of the Interaction of Metal Complexes with PAMAM Dendrimers”


The American Institute of Chemists Foundation and The University of San Francisco Award Certificate for 2005 to Agnieszka Kulczynska as an Outstanding Student Majoring in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry Graduate Award for Achievement in Teaching, 
University of San Francisco, 2005


1995 – 2000      Gdansk University of Technology, MSc Engineer, Chemical Technology; 
                        Major: Chemistry of Fats, Detergents and Cosmetics

Thesis: “Synthesis of Diglycerol and Triglycerol by Direct Polymerization of Glycerol”

Professional membership

American Chemical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Teaching interests

I am currently involved in teachning chemistry to Extended Science students.

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