Dr Alma Rahat

Dr Alma Rahat

Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


I have a BEng (Hons.) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Exeter. I worked as a product development engineer after my bachelor's degree, and held post-doctoral research positions at the University of Exeter. I joined University of Plymouth in September 2018.  

Professional membership

I am a member of the following professional organizations. 

  • Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)
  • Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO) in the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). 
I am also a member of the task force on Data Driven Evolutionary Optimization of Exepensive Problems.

Teaching interests

As a learner, I have always felt that there is sometimes a lack of connection between the real world and the materials covered in a course. When lecturers clearly demonstrated the real implications of what was being taught in an interactive manner, I was most motivated to learn the materials, and also could readily apply the knowledge effectively. This worked best when a scenario or problem was presented first, and the way to solve the problem was discussed later. Such a constructivist approach underpins my teaching ethos, and I endeavour to apply this teaching technique in my modules.

In the 2018-19 academic year, I was the module leader for the following modules. 

  • SOFT251: Object-Oriented Programming
  • SOFT252: Object-oriented Software Engineering with Design Patterns
  • NET109: Computer Architecture and Mathematics
  • NET111: Computer Systems
  • SOFT164: Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms

Alongside managing these modules, I taught principles of object-oriented design and analysis, design patterns, fundamentals of computer architecture, and assembly programming. 

In the 2019-20 academic year, I will be teaching the following modules. 

  • SOFT252: Object-oriented Software Engineering with Design Patterns
  • AINT252: Computation Theory and Artificial Intelligence. 

Research interests

My current research focus is in the broad areas of fast hybrid optimisation methods, real-world problems and machine learning. In particular, I am developing efficient methods inspired from surrogate-assisted (Bayesian) optimisation for optimising computationally or financially expensive problems (for example, computational fluid dynamics design problems).

Key publications are highlighted

Tanveer T, M P, David H, Rahat AA, Jacqueline W, Paul W & Shaowei Z 2019 'Graphene Oxide-Based Targeting of Extracellular Cathepsin D and Cathepsin L As A Novel Anti-Metastatic Enzyme Cancer Therapy' Cancers 11, (3) , DOI PEARL
Rahat AAM, Wang C, Everson RM & Fieldsend JE 2018 'Data-driven multi-objective optimisation of coal-fired boiler combustion systems' Applied Energy 229, 446-458 , DOI PEARL
Tabish TA, Pranjol MZI, Hayat H, Rahat AAM, Abdullah TM, Whatmore JL & Zhang S 2017 'In vitro toxic effects of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets on lung cancer cells' Nanotechnology 28, (50) 504001-504001 , DOI PEARL
Wang C, Liu Y, Everson RM, Rahat AAM & Zheng S 2017 'Applied Gaussian Process in Optimizing Unburned Carbon Content in Fly Ash for Boiler Combustion' Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2017, 1-8 , DOI PEARL
Rahat AAM, Everson RM & Fieldsend JE 2016 'Evolutionary multi-path routing for network lifetime and robustness in wireless sensor networks' Ad Hoc Networks 52, 130-145 , DOI PEARL
Rahat AAM, Everson RM & Fieldsend JE 2015 'Hybrid Evolutionary Approaches to Maximum Lifetime Routing and Energy Efficiency in Sensor Mesh Networks' Evolutionary Computation 23, (3) 481-507 , DOI PEARL
Chugh T, Rahat A, Volz V & Zaefferer M 2019 'Towards Better Integration of Surrogate Models and Optimizers' in Bartz-Beielstein T; Filipič B; Korošec P; Talbi E-G High-Performance Simulation-Based Optimization Springer International Publishing 137-163 Publisher Site , DOI PEARL
Conference Papers
Daniels SJ, Rahat AAM, Everson RM, Tabor GR & Fieldsend JE 2018 'A suite of computationally expensive shape optimisation problems using computational fluid dynamics' 296-307 , DOI PEARL
Rahat A, Everson R & Fieldsend J 2017 'Alternative infill strategies for expensive multi-objective optimisation' 873-880 , DOI PEARL
Rahat A, Everson R, Fieldsend J, Jin Y & Wang H 2016 'Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Optimisation (SAEOpt'16) Chairs' Welcome & Organization' the 2016 20/07/2016 24/07/2016 ACM Press , DOI
Rahat AA-AM, Everson RM & Fieldsend JE 2014 'Multi-objective routing optimisation for battery-powered wireless sensor mesh networks' the 2014 conference 12/07/2014 16/07/2014 ACM Press , DOI PEARL
Rahat A, Ledbetter R, Dawn A, Byrne R & Everson R Rahat A, Ledbetter R, Dawn A, Byrne R & Everson R 0 'Solving the first and last mile problem with connected and autonomous vehicles' 0 0 , DOI PEARL

Other academic activities

I am a reviewer for the following journals. 

I was on the program committee the following conferences.