Miss Anaelle Lemasson

Miss Anaelle Lemasson

School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


PhD student in Marine Sciences. Implications of ocean acidification on the UK's commercial shellfish fisheries: a comparison of native and non-native species.

Supervisors: Antony Knights, Steve Fletcher, Jason Hall-Spencer, Roy Moate


MRes Marine Biology, Plymouth University and the MBA. Project: Investigations into the reproductive biology and larval ecology of two non-native ascidians, Corella eumyota and Asterocarpa humilis, in UK waters. Supervisors: John Bishop (MBA), Andy Foggo (PU). 

Bsc(Hn) Marine Biology and Oceanography, Skema School (France, Sophia-Antipolis) and Plymouth University. Project: The effects of a shift in temperature on the asexual reproduction of Aurelia aurita. Supervisor: John Spicer (PU).