Mr Andrew Tonkin

Mr Andrew Tonkin

Senior Technician

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


My main role is in support of teaching with much of my time being spent demonstrating analytical techniques including FT-IR microscopy / spectroscopy, elemental microanalysis, fluorescence & UV / vis spectroscopy. After an initial five years as inorganic technician, I switched to organic chemistry so consequently have spent a considerable proportion of the last thirty years preparing and helping with undergraduate practicals and projects. I am frequently asked to undertake syntheses in support of a number of research groups of a wide range of organic / organometallic compounds including some isotopically enriched or radiolabelled.


Certificate in Applied Chemistry (LRSC) 1990, Higher National Certificate, Chemistry (HNC) 1984.

Originally employed at the University as Inorganic Technician since 1980/1981, and as Organic Chemistry Technician since 1985.