Dr Andy Evenden

Dr Andy Evenden

Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


Associate Head (Teaching & learning)- Senior Tutor :School of Biomedical & Healthcare Science


1988 BSc Biomedical Sciences - University of Bradford

1993 PhD University of Plymouth

1999 PGCert Ed - University of Plymouth

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Roles on external bodies

Member: Modernising Scientific Careers Implementation Board - NHS South West

Teaching interests

I teach a range of topics across the range of biomedical sciences to Biomedical Scientists, Medical Students as well as Students of Nursing and the Allied Health Professions.
My teaching "passion" is introducing students to human physiology and pathophysiology in an engaging and accessible manner, applying concepts to real world examples and to professional practice in healthcare. I am also involved in the professional development strand of our Healthcare Science degrees and preparing our students for their work placements in the NHS throughout the South West Peninsula.

I am currently module leader for:
BIOL109 - Foundations of Biomedical Sciences
BIOM1001 - Foundations in Healthcare Science Practice
BIOM2003 - Partners in Investigation
BIOM3001 - Professional Practice

and teach on:
OPT102 - Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOM1003 - Genetics and Development
BIOM1004 - Physiology and Pathophysiology
BIOM2001 - Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare Science
BIOM2019 - Evidence Based Practice in Biomedical Science

In Books :

 Evenden, A.J. & Gresty, K.A. (2007) The Physiology of Ageing in Medication Management and the Older Person (Edited by M. Banning). Blackwell Publishers.

 In Journals:

 Gresty, K., Skirton, H. & Evenden, A. (2007) Addressing the issue of e-learning and online genetics for health professionals. Nursing and Health Sciences 9 (1) p14-22.

 Skirton, H., Gresty, K.A. Green, G & Evenden, A.J. (2006). A proposed set of learning outcomes for genetic competency in nursing and midwifery.
Available at Education Online:  http://www.leeds.ac.uk/educol/documents/150944.htm

 Green, G., Skirton, H., Gresty, K. & Evenden, A. (2004) Genetic education for health professionals - GeneSense, an online interactive resource. Journal of Medical Genetics, 41: S84-S84 Supplt. 1.

 Devendra, D., Keller, U., Galloway, T.S. Horton, S.J. Evenden, A. Wilkin, T.E.J. (2002).Determining the immunodominant epitopes of insulin antibody using phage display technology. Diabetes 51: Suppl 2 p211.

Other academic activities

Outreach Activities on Cancer Genetics, Stem cells, Biomedical Investigations, Ethics in Biomedicine


Technology Enhanced Learning http://technologyenhancedlearning.net/

Degrees in Healthcare Science  http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/4281/BSc+%28Hons%29+Healthcare+Science+%28Life+Sciences%29

Healthcare Scientists in the NHS http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/hcsci.shtml