Mr Andy Humphreys

Mr Andy Humphreys

Associate Head of School - Architecture

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Programme Leader BA Architecture

Lecturer in Architecture
Stream leader for technology
Design Unit Studio Tutor

Unit Leader of design [re]defined vernacular - [r]dv


BSc [UCL] Dip Arch [UCL] Registered Architect

Andy studied at The Bartlett School of Architecture from 1989 gaining his professional practice certificate in 1997.

Professional membership

Architects Registration Board [ARB]

Teaching interests

From 1997 - 1999 I was a part time studio tutor and Kingston University.

From 1999 - 2007 I was full time at kingston University as BA Course Director, Director of Technology to the BA school, Third year design studio leader and admissions tutor.

As a part time tutor I worked in practice at Peter Currie Architects a London based socially responsible practice and returned there in 2007 until 2012 when he started teaching full time at Plymouth University School of Architecture.

From 2008 - 2010 I was a studio assistant in degree studio V at Nottingham University School of Architecture.

And I  have run workshops and been a guest critic at.

The Bartlett
Brighton University
Ecole d'Architecture Strasbourg
Kingston University
London Metropolitan
Oxford Brookes University
South Bank University
The Welsh School of Architecture

My interests in teaching are related to enabling and empowering students to take the lead through their own preoccupations through the vehicle of a studio brief as a scaffold from which individual ideas can emerge.

Architecture is based upon a narrative of place, memory and desire, it is both a textural and tectonic exploration. The misconception of architectural representation is the plan, which emphasises boundaries - walls and partitions, architecture is inhabited and the regions that make 'room' are  the contents of those programmatic spaces, they occupy a field and activity radiates from them.

Technology can only be fully understood and explored when the textural atmosphere is created. 

I am interested in spaces of memory and [implied] redundancy as situations of potential resilience for social and cultural reactivation.