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Mr Antony Thorpe

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


I am a fourth year PhD student in the School of Marine Science and Engineering and within the Coastal Processes Research Group. I hope to submit my thesis at the beginning of 2015. 

The title of my PhD is:
Sediment Transport and Bedform Dynamics in Rip Currents


2006 - 2009:  Bsc Environmental Science, Plymouth University

Project: The effect of dumping of dredged spoil within Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

Teaching interests

Undergraduate: First year Ocean Sience/Marine Geoscience field week (beach profiling)

Undergraduate: First year Marine Sports practicals

Research interests

My PhD is titled 'Sediment Transport and Bedform Dynamics in Rip Currents'. 

This has involved extensive data collection at Perranporth on the North Cornish coast. Measurements of suspended sediment concentrations, rip flows, wave and tidal elevation and bedroom dynamics were made with a suite of instruments deployed autonomously on a mobile frame. The mobile frame was deployed into a predetermined rip channel at spring low tides and data were recorded for multiple tidal cycles as the tide ebbed and flooded over the frame.
The data presented in the thesis looks initially at the rip system in terms of morphology and flow dynamics to provide context for sediment transport measurements. The second part involves analysis of bedform dynamics, and finally measurements of suspended flux are presented and analysed. 

I have started my fourth year on my PhD and hope to be able to hand in by early 2015.