Dr Athanasios Tsokanos

Dr Athanasios Tsokanos

Discretionary Member


Module Leader for: Computer Networks (CNET226) TERM 1& 2, Network and System Administration (CNET214) , Server Administration(CNET225) , Introduction to Computer Systems (CNET050) 



PhD in Performance Modelling and Evaluation of Optical Networks, University of Bradford

MSc in Personal Mobile and Satellite communications, University of Bradford

OTJNR CERTIFICATE-Operation and Troubleshooting of Juniper Networks Routers - M/T-Series,
CJNR CERTIFICATE-Configuring Juniper Networks Routers - M/T-Series, Juniper Networks training centre, Amsterdam, Holland.

Teaching interests

Teaching commitments:

Computer Networks (CNET226) TERM 1 & 2

Network and System Administration (CNET214)

Server Administration(CNET225)

Introduction to Computer Systems (CNET050) 

Research interests

 Optical networking, Next generation Network design, SDN, GMPLS, OFDM, WDM systems,  Traffic modelling, Network security


Chapters in books

1.C.Mouchos, A. Tsokanos and D.D. Kouvatsos, Traffic Modelling and Performance Analysis of Optical Networks, Book: Performance Handbook on ‘Next Generation Internet: Performance Evaluation and Applications", Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 5233, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-642-02741-3 , January 2011

Journal publications

10. Jarajreh M., Giacoumidis E. , Aldaya I. , Le S.T. , Tsokanos A. , Ghassemlooy Z. , Doran N.J. "Artificial Neural Network Nonlinear Equalizer for Coherent Optical OFDM" Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, Volume PP, Issue 99, 2014

9. Giacoumidis E, Aldaya I, Jarajreh MA, Tsokanos A, Le ST, Farjady F, Jaouën Y, Ellis AD, Doran NJ, "Volterra-Based Reconfigurable Nonlinear Equalizer for Coherent OFDM" Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, Volume 26, Issue 14, pp1383-1386, 2014

8.Giacoumidis, E., M. A. Jarajreh, S. Sygletos, S. T. Le, F. Farjady, A. Tsokanos, A. Hamié, E. Pincemin, Y. Jaouën, A. D. Ellis, et al., "Dual-polarization multi-band optical OFDM transmission and transceiver limitations for up to 500 Gb/s uncompensated long-haul links", Optics Express, vol. 22, issue 9, pp. 10975 - 10986, 2014

7.A.Tsokanos, E. Giacoumidis, G. Zardas, A. Kavatzikidis, N. P. Diamantopoulos, I.Aldaya, I. Tomkos "Reductions of peak-to-average power ratio and optical beat interference in cost-effective OFDMA-PONs" Photonic Network Communications,  Springer, volume 26, issue 2, pages 44-52, 2013

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4.Athanasios S. Tsokanos, Charalampos V. Mouchos, Elias E. Giacoumidis and J. M. Tang, A Scalable Model for the Performance Evaluation of ROADMs with Generic Switching Capabilities, Journal of Networks, October 2010, Volume 5, Issue 10, pages: 1215-1220, ISSN:1796-2056

3.E.Giacoumidis, J. L. Wei, X. L. Yang, A. Tsokanos and J. M. Tang,“Adaptive-Modulation-Enabled WDM Impairment Reduction in Multichannel Optical OFDM Transmission Systems for Next-Generation PONs”, IEEE Photonics Journal,April 2010, Volume: 2 Issue: 2, pages: 130 – 140,ISSN: 1943-0655

2.C.Mouchos, A. Tsokanos  and D. D. Kouvatsos, Dynamic OBS Offset Allocationin WDM Networks, journal of  Computer Communications,  Special Issueon Heterogeneous Networks: Traffic Engineering and Performance Evaluation ,Volume 33, Supplement 1, 15 November 2010, PagesS130-S145, ISSN: 0140-3664

1.E.Giacoumidis,A. Tsokanos, Jin Xianqing , J. M. Tang, "StatisticalPerformance Comparisons of Optical OFDM Adaptive Loading Algorithms inMultimode Fiber-Based Transmission Systems", IEEE Photonics Journal,December 2010, Volume: 2 Issue: 6, pages 1051 - 1059, ISSN: 1943-0655



Conference publications 

11.Stampoulidis, L. ; Giacoumidis, E. ; O'Keefe, M.F. ; Aldaya, I. ;Walker, R.G. ; Zhou, Y. ; Cameron, N. ; Kehayas, E. ; Tsokanos, A. ; Tomkos, I.; Doran, N.J. ; Zimmermann, L. “Cost-effective broadband GaAs IQ modulatorarray for long-reach OFDM-PONs” Optical Communication (ECOC 2013), 39thEuropean Conference and Exhibition on networks and optical communications,Page(s): 1 – 3, E-ISBN : 978-1-84919-759-5 

10.AldayaIvan, Giacoumidis Elias,  Tsyier Sergei,  Tsokanos Athanasios,Ghassemlooy Zabih, Martins Indayara B, Perez-Sanchez Grethell, Tomkos, Ioannis"Monte-Carlo-based method for group delay ripple reduction in cascadeddispersion compensation FBGs" Network and Optical Communications(NOC),18th European Conference on  Optical Cabling and Infrastructure,10-12 July, Graz Austria, 2013

9.GiacoumidisE,Wei J. L, Tsokanos A, Kavatzikidis A., Hugues-Salas E., Tang, J. M., Tomkos, I., Performanceoptimization of adaptive loading algorithms for SMF based optical OFDMtransceivers. Network and Optical Communications (NOC), 16th EuropeanConference on Networks and Optical Communications, IEEE,Page(s): 56 – 59,2011

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1.A. Tsokanos, D.D.Kouvatsos, Link Failure and Restoration of OBS, TDM and Lightpath Routing in aRing Optical Network with Wavelength Conversion, PGNET ’04, ISBN:1-9025-6010-8,pp. 192-196, 2004


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