Dr Carl Roobottom

Dr Carl Roobottom

Honorary Consultant - Radiology

Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences


Chair of Radiology


I am a general clinical Radiologist with special interest incardio-thoracic imaging and Head of the Peninsula Radiology Academy. Since 2010I have a 5-session contract with Plymouth University as Chair of Radiology.

Teaching interests

Teaching Interests

I am involved in development of the Undergraduate Curriculum, particularly the utilisation of cross sectional imaging to deliver anatomy training.
I am head of the Radiology Academy; a post graduate school on the Derriford site which delivers all aspect of training to post graduate doctors to become consultants. The purpose built facility has a 140 seat lecture theatre, uses a number of novel teaching methods (including simulators) and was described by Marin Marshall (Deputy Chief Medical Officer) as a "shining light for all specialities in his assessment in 2008.

Research interests

Research Interests
Virtual Post-Mortem
An imaging alternative to invasive PM. Our work has shown it is a viable alternative to conventional post-mortem in selected conditions. Work published Lancet 2012.

Cardiac Computed Tomography
Have developed the technique from a research tool (2003) to an important clinical tool recommended by NICE. Largest clinical experience in UK. Developed all the training & accreditation tools for the UK. Advisor to NICE, Royal Colleges & DoH on subject. Over 50 publications of the subject.

Low dose CT
New techniques to provide CT at same x-ray doses as plain films.

Key publications are highlighted

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