Dr Cath Quinn

Dr Cath Quinn

Senior Research Fellow

Clinical Trials & Health Research - Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


Cath Quinn (Weyer Brown) is a qualitative researcher who has developed in interest in mixed methods working, particularly within realistic evaluation frameworks. Cath's research has focused on the mental health of socially marginalised groups, particularly offenders. She co-leads the Offender Health work stream with Professor Richard Byng. Cath has become increasingly interested in promoting mental and emotional wellbeing, rather than 'treating' mental illness, particularly how this might be enacted for socially deprived populations.

Cath joined the Primary Care department in 2008, having previously worked in research positions in Exeter and Plymouth Universities and the NHS, and she began her career in the history of psychiatry.



PhD                 Medical History                                 Exeter University                  2004

 “Include the Mother and Exclude the Lunatic, a social history of puerperal insanity, 1860-1922” was based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research in asylum archives. The study interrogated the role of the disease within a society in which motherhood was becoming increasingly regulated.


M.A.                Cultural History         Distinction      Manchester University          1998

 “Representations of Puerperal Insanity in England and Scotland. 1850-1900” examined the images of the disease in medical journals and photography, and analysed the similarities and contrasts between them within the context of the developing psychiatric profession.


B.A. Hons.      Politics and                 First                Manchester University          1997   

                        Modern History

 “The Manchester Lunatic Hospital and Asylum, 1769-1849” examined the prevailing spirit of ‘philanthropy over psychiatry’ in this institution, the first outside London.


11/2004 –


Project Manager

Specialised Services Commissioning, Exeter Primary Care Trust


Developed and co-ordinated a series of depth-interviews with people living with Multiple Sclerosis and care staff. Produced reports that made recommendations for service development and skills training in terms of Government targets.



Research Analyst

Dr Kate Fisher – Oral History Researcher

Analysed interviews on experiences of intercourse and contraception. Produced report for funding body on progress against original project aims.


10/2003 – 09/2004

Research Fellow

Centre for Medical History, Exeter University

Developed and conducted a series of depth interviews about birth experiences. Produced a report recommending areas for further study.


10/2000 - 09/2003


History Department, Exeter University

Taught undergraduates research skills, including quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Professional membership

Member of Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) since 2009.

Member of British Sociological Association (BSA) since 2012.

Roles on external bodies

Member of scientific panel for SWSAPC conference (2012) and reviewer for this and submissions to SAPC Annual Conference (2012-2015).

NIHR reviewer, for reports and funding applications; Offender Health and qualitative methods.

Teaching interests

PhD Supervisor, Alexandors Georgiadis,  (2nd with Professor Richard Byng and Professor Ross Coomber. 'Offenders with common mental health problems: a multidimensional and multi-perspective study' . PenCLAHRC studentship. 2012-15.

PUPSMD: Research in Action SSU on Health Inequalities.

I am happy to discuss supervising:

  • Qualitative research
  • Offender Health research
  • Mental Health and/or Wellbeing research
  • Social Inequalities research

Research interests

Areas of research interest

  • Mental health and Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Socially marginalised groups, particularly offenders
  • Qualitative research methods, particularly combining within case and cross case analysis
  • Process Evaluations, particularly their role in intervention development and their place in mixed methods teams
  • The involvement of people with lived experience of conditions in research

Current research projects:

  • Engager 2: Developing and evaluating a collaborative care intervention for prisoners, with common mental health problems, near to and after release; applicant and work stream 1 lead, 2013-2018.


Completed research projects:

  • Engaging offenders with common mental health problems (ENGAGER); Study co-ordinator, Research Fellow, applicant. 2010-12. http://clahrc-peninsula.nihr.ac.uk/project/55-engager.php
  • A research evaluation of the South West Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme; Lead for persons with lived experience, applicant. 2009-12.
  • Improving community health networks for people with severe mental illness: a case study investigation; Qualitative researcher. 2011-2013. 

Grants & contracts


Co-Applicant and work stream 1 lead: Engager 2: Developing and Evaluating a collaborative care intervention for prisoners, with common mental health problems, near to and after release. NIHR Programme  Grant. 2013-2018 (£2M).

Co-Applicant: Engaging Offenders with Common Mental Health Problems. NIHR Programme Development Grant. 2010-11. (£100K).

Co-Applicant: A research evaluation of the south west Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme. NHS Southwest. 2009-12. (£300K).

Principal Applicant: Economic and Social Research Council, Social Science Awareness Week – Grant to facilitate and lead workshops and focus groups. June 2004. (£500).

Grant Holder: ESRC ‘Include the Mother and Exclude the Lunatic a Social History of Puerperal Insanity’ PhD award. 1999-2003.

Grant Holder: AHRB ‘Cultural Representations of puerperal insanity’. MA award. 1997-1998.

Trout History Prize (BA  Dissertation), Manchester University. 1997.

Research groups

  • Plymouth Inequalities Group

Key publications are highlighted

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