Dr Charlie Mansfield

Dr Charlie Mansfield

Lecturer in Tourism Management and French

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Lecturer in Tourism Management and French
ResM Programme Manager, Travel Writing & Heritage Research Masters


PhD (Literary Tourism)

M.Litt (French Travel Writing)
B.Ed (Technology)
BA (English)

Professional membership

MTS Tourism Society
Internet Atelier, ENS, rue d'Ulm, Paris
Association for French Language Studies (AFLS)

Roles on external bodies

UNWTO World Tourism Organization, Air Travel Panel Specialist

2008 External Examiner for Masters programme, Ecole nationale des chartes, Paris (Jury de soutenance)

2006 External Assessor: AHRC Small Grants in the Creative and Performing Arts Scheme.

Teaching interests

TDI & Place Branding, French language and literature, Travel and Tourism Management, Travel Communications for e-Marketing, Travel Writing, IT and Web Technologies (XML, PHP, Web 2.0), Managing people, Leadership.

ResM Travel Writing & Heritage Masters

MSc HTM703 Managing People in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
FREX02 Module Leader: French - Intermediate 1 which includes FREX02A and FREX02B
HTM518 Hospitality & Tourism Action Research (part of ResM Programme)


HTM130 Tourism Knowledge & Fieldwork
LFR300 French Culture & Society 3
HTM221 People Strategies for Tourism, Hospitality and Tourism
HTM241 Tourism Venture Creation
HTM212 Fieldwork for Regional Tourism
MSc e-Tourism HTM509
LCS200 French Language, Culture & Society
LCS300 French Language, Culture & Society

Staff serving as external examiners

External examiner Masters programme for Paris Archive School (E.N.C.) since Sept 2008.

Research interests

2014-2016 Director of Studies - ResM Travel Writing
2016-2019 Director of Studies - 2 x PhDs  

Areas for Research Supervision
Tourism, Hospitality and Heritage Management,  Web 2.0 technologies.  
French Culture & Society.  French Digital Heritage Management.

Mansfield, C. (2015) Researching Literary Tourism, Plymouth, TKT.
233 pages, 36 colour plates ISBN 9780992857936
Amazon Kindle Editionhttp://amzn.eu/jlrab3m
Google Play Bookstorehttp://goo.gl/jmoxUU

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4212.9441

Video of Conference presentation on Place Branding

Link to Conference web-site

About My Research

Here at the University of Plymouth my work explores the dialogue between fictional representations of the city (most often textual in the form of literature) and the development of urban spaces as sites of consumption in travel, tourism and heritage management.  I aim to identify agency, such as the role of the writer or marketing body, alongside a close-reading of the text itself.  Ultimately, through the writing of text analysis software and its application to web content or large literary corpora in both French and English on particular cities, I am designing modelling tools for destination management and Place Branding.  To this end I am currently working in Web 2.0 LAMP technologies, such as PHP and JavaScript, and my work-in-progress, called Loceme, may be used at the following url http://eserve.org.uk/loceme/

I have been fortunate in securing funding from the British Academy to disseminate my findings and the text analysis software in the UK and France (via the CNRS Research Laboratories in Paris & Nancy).

Completed 2 Large-Scale Research Projects

AHRC £200K Edinburgh University, Digital Heritage, complete Oct 2009

ANR €290K CNRS & University of Paris 1, Digital Heritage, complete Feb 2009

Other research

2014-15 Launched new SERC Tourism Knowledge Transfer Community through sub-group.

Research Lead: Consequences of Tourism in SERC.

French Urban Space and Literature.  Economics and social aspects of the Francophone city in Tourism Consumption.  European Culture.  French language.

Download French conference paper as ePub Book for iPhones and Androids
Mansfield, C. (2012) Tourisme littéraire et l'espace urbain français - Le rapport des écrivains à l'architecture click here

REF Work Cited in Other Publications and Research

Anthony Lodge, 'Variation and change in the Montferrand account-books
 (1259-1367)' in Yuji Kawaguchi, Makoto Minegishi, Wolfgang Viereck (eds) (2011) Corpus Analysis
 and Diachronic Linguistics,
Amsterdam/Philadelphia : John Benjamins. ISBN 978 90 272 0768 5

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

M2 (Double Masters) External for postgraduate, Lionel BALL, Paris Archive School, Sorbonne (E.N.C.) 2008.

Grants & contracts

£500                                                                                        May 2014
Rivieras Travel Writing Atelier 1st May 2014 - writing practicum with industry professionals, tourism and language academics, postgraduates and students.  Links with travel companies and English Riviera in Torquay.
£2000                                                                                     Feb 2011
Network event with Rennes Business School, Brittany. Sharing research and teaching methods with tourism and hospitality department, ESC-Rennes.

£900                                                                                        January 2009

EU Grundtvig Award for Adult Education and CPD project in Travel Writing and New Media.


£2340                                                                                      September 2007

Roberts Fund Award to establish 'A Laboratory for Digital Philology', to develop shared resources for editing and glossary-making in textual research in Travel Literature.  Share skills and train other postgraduates and post-doctoral researchers in emerging technologies and web-skills.  Research training resources now online at



£1800                                                                                      March 2007

To write specially commissioned e-learning resources on French Urban Space: The City in French Literature, for The Materials Bank of The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (a Subject Centre of The Higher Education Academy).  Resources now fully online at




£750 per annum for 2 years                                                   September 2006

The Canadian High Commission, London: The Foundation for Canadian Studies UK Doctoral Studentships for French Studies doctoral work at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.


£200                                                                                        April 2006

The Book in Middle French, exemplar mobile learning materials for The Materials Bank of The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (a Subject Centre of The Higher Education Academy)




£2000                                                                                      November 2003

The French Institute of Japan, Travel Bursary for fieldwork in Tokyo and presentation of research findings in French Travel Writing at the Graduate Research School at University of Tokyo.


£6000                                                                                      11 Oct 2002

Organized conference: The e-Book in Higher Education, hosted by University of Newcastle with funding attracted from: SONY Education Division, McMillan Media, NumiLog of Paris, Routledge Books and Mitsubishi Pencil Corporation.


£4000                                                                                      Sept 2002

JISC Funding for fieldwork and digital photography on monuments of Paris resulting in FILTER Web-Site resources at University of Bristol.


£900 x 3                                                                                  Dec 2001, 2002, 2003

European Management School, Paris for presentation of development work on mobile technologies in travel and tourism e-marketing via Christmas Lectures.


£16000                                                                                    August 2001

UK-based FDTL - the HEFCE Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning to design web-site and write and publish training book for web learners with project team at Liverpool John Moores University.


£2000                                                                                      Sept 1999

Goethe Institute to attend Advanced German language class in Dresden.



£600 x 6                                                                                  1996 to 1999

Visiting Lectureships at French and Belgian Universities under SOCRATES scheme.


£2500                                                                                      1999

The French Embassy in London, Essay Prize of full fees and accommodation to attend Advanced Scientific and Technical French course at Compiègne, with introductory course on the heritage of the region.


1.3 million Euro                                                                       1995 - 1999

Part of team of 11 European universities winning successful Fifth Framework Telematics bid to EU for development of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for university teaching.



Other academic activities

Managing teams in travel and tourism.  Leadership and DSDM-Atern.

French to English translation (travel industry, legal, business, marketing, IT, literature)

Technical Editor since October 2009: the Journal of Tourism Consumption and Practice, University of Plymouth ISSN 1757-031X

Editorial Panel member since 2011: Journal of Travel and Tourism Research, Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi Turizm Isletmeciligi ve Otelcilik Yüksekokulu Candan Tarhan Bulvari No: 6 Kusadasi, AYDIN, TURKEY 09400


Peer Reviewer since March 2011 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM ANTHROPOLOGY (IJTA) ISSN (Online): 1759-0450 ISSN (Print): 1759-0442 Sichuan University, Department of Tourism Culture, 29 Wangjiang Road Chengdu, Sichuan 610064, CHINA

Additional information

Worked in Travel & Tourism Industry for just over 5 years with British Airways plc
From 6/09/1999  to 31/12/2004 managing implementation of e-Marketing across BA's Francophone Regions

Links to Colleagues in School of Tourism and Hospitality

Dr Graham Busby

Dr Danielle Bishop - French

Dr Rong Huang


Link to Entry in Academia Edu:  http://plymouth.academia.edu/CharlieMansfield

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