Miss Chloe Game

Miss Chloe Game

Project Assistant

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Research Assistant to Dr. Emma Sheehan, working on the Lyme Bay MBA Monitoring Project


  • MRes Marine Biology, Plymouth University (2015-2016). 
    • Research project: Spatial Transferability of Species Distribution Models for three Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs) in the deep North-east Atlantic, supervisors: Kerry Howell & Claire Embling.
  • Bsc (hons) Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology, Plymouth University (2010-2013). 
    • Research project: Depth-related Distribution and Diversity of Cold-Water Corals in the Northern Rockall Trough, North-east Atlantic supervisor: Kerry Howell
  • I also have 2 years experience working as a Biology/Chemistry Technician (2013-2015)

Professional membership

Challenger Society

Research interests

  • Deep sea benthic ecology
  • Predictive habitat mapping and marine spatial planning
  • Human impact/disturbance to marine ecosystems (particularly offshore systems e.g. deep sea benthos)