Ms Claire Pearce

Ms Claire Pearce

Project Manager (PMCP)

Faculty of Science and Engineering


To manage the delivery of the exciting new Plymouth Materials Characterisation Project (PMCP),funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which brings 3D analysis and imaging on the nano-scale, to the Heart of the South West, through PEMC.

The project specifically brings FIB-SEM to the south west – i.e. 'focused ion beam - scanning electron microscope'. Rather than using just one beam to gather data, image and analyse a sample, the FIB-SEM also uses a second beam, to cut (mill) the object. This means that the FIB-SEM is able to image and cut through an object whilst analysing, and therefore build a 3D stack of data representing that sample. The new FIB-SEM also accurately collects this data at the nano-metre scale.

This is new to PEMC; our existing instrumentation includes scanning electron microscopes (SEM), which scan the surface of the object and transmission electron microscopes (TEM) which look through thinly prepared samples. Therefore, the FIB-SEM takes PEMC into a new era of capability and precision, initially for use by Devon companies (thanks to European funding) in partnership with our technical specialists. 

For Devon companies, the project means free access to the FIB-SEM, to explore how this technology can benefit their business - and, importantly, free access to technical specialists to help embed the findings in the company through additional research support, as needed by the company.


I have worked in a knowledge exchange role within universities for the last 20 years, bringing together business need and university-based solutions. Whilst at the University of East London, I managed the academic consultancy activity, KTP and a partnership proof of concept project (Emerald Fund) which supported academics and students to commercialise their ideas.

Prince II Practitioner
BA (Hons) Business Administration