Clive Charlton

Clive Charlton

Visiting Research Fellow

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Geography Programmes Co-ordinator

Professional membership

Fellow of Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers

Member of Geographical Association

Teaching interests

Latin America

International Tourism

Rural Tourism and Recreation

Transport Issues and Policy
Development and population issues

Information Skills (especially use of Web resources)


Fieldwork in Spain and Ireland

Research interests

Research Interests

Transport policy and practice: community and voluntary sector in rail and rural transport, rail, air transport, regional and rural transport policy

Tourism: rural tourism in Europe, recreational transport, organisational aspects of rural tourism, tourism in Latin America

Spain and Portugal: environmental issues and policy, changing rural economy and society, tourism

Member of Policy and Governance in Europe Research Group

Member of Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership

Principal Publications

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