Professor Daniel Maudlin

Professor Daniel Maudlin


School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


I am currently engaged on a three-year Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship: Different Places, Same Spaces: The Inn and the Traveller in the British Atlantic World 

As an architecture historian I am particularly concerned with the relationship between design and the spaces and places of the everyday. My work engages with theoretical approaches to global vernaculars - past and present - as well as with the history of the early modern  British Atlantic world. 


2015                Major Research Fellow, Leverhulme Trust (UK)
2015                John D. Rockefeller Fellow, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
2012                Professor of Architecture History and Theory, University of Plymouth
2010                Research Fellowship, Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) 
2008                Research Lead and Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Design, University of Plymouth
2005                Director, European Conservation Summer School, University of Pennsylvania
2005                Lecturer, School of Architecture and Design, University of Plymouth
2002                Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, History Dept, Dalhousie University
2002                Visiting Research Fellow in Architectural History, Glasgow University
2002                Inspector of Historic Buildings, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh
2002                PhD, University of St Andrews (British Academy Studentship)
1998                Researcher in British Colonial History, Victoria and Albert Museum
1997                Internship, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy
1996               MA Hons (First Class), Art History (with Landscape Archaeology), University of St Andrews

Teaching interests

I am currently on research leave.

Previous roles include:

BA Architecture, Stream Leader History and Theory Stages 1 - 3

Programme Leader, MRes Architecture

Programme Leader, MA History

Research interests

I research and write across architectural theory and buildings history.

I am interested in theories of vernacular architecture and the everyday, publications  include 'Concepts of the Vernacular' in the Sage Handbook of Architectural Theory and at present I am editing the 'Concepts and Theories' volume of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World (Bloomsbury).  

From colonial farmhouses in Nova Scotia to  aristocratic retreats on English country estates my  research in History focusses on buildings and landscapes in the early modern British Atlantic world; publications include Building the British Atlantic World (University of North Carolina Press, 2016) and 'Early Colonial Architectures' in Architecture and Urbanism in the British Empire (Oxford History of the British Empire) (Oxford University Press, 2016).

Grants & contracts

                           2015                    Rockekfeller Fellowship, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
2014 - 17              Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship
2010 - 11             AHRC Research Fellowship: Tradition in Early Modernity
2009-11           AHRC Research Network Award: Transatlantic Exchanges Forum
2009                US Embassy Cultural Award:  Transatlantic Exchanges Forum
2009                ‘History Book of the Year’ for Highland House Transformed, The Scotsman
2009                Scotland Inheritance Fund Award
2008                Jeffrey Cook Prize for ‘outstanding contribution to the study of traditional settlements’, International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE: UoC, Berkeley)
2008                Institute of Historical Research, Scouloudi Foundation Award         
2008                Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Ramsden Bursary
2004                Visiting Scholar Award, Winterthur Museum and Library, Delaware          
2003                Elected Fellow of Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
2002 - 5           Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Research Fellowship                         
2001                Attingham Trust Scholarship in Design and Applied Arts      
2001                Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Ramsden Bursary
2000                Royal Institute of British Architects, Research Award                      
2000                Carnegie Trust for Scotland Research Award                                   
1999                Russell Trust Award for Field Studies
1999                Cookie Matheson Travel Award (University of St Andrews)                         
1998 - 01         British Academy of Arts and Humanities, PhD studentship                      
1997                Victoria & Albert Museum, Tom Ingram Memorial Award                                
1997                Regional Furniture Society, travel bursary                   
1996                Residential Scholarship, Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Venice, Italy

Research groups

  • History
  • Transatlantic Exchanges Forum


D. Maudlin, Architecture and the Vernacular (Bloomsbury, contracted 2019)

D. Maudlin, The Bear and the Indian King: Travel and Social Life in Britain and North America 1700 - 1850 (in preparation)

D. Maudlin, The Idea of the Cottage in English Architecture 1760 – 1860 (Routledge Research in Architecture) (Routledge, 2015; 2nd ed. 2018)

D. Maudlin, The Highland House Transformed: Architecture and Identity on the Edge of Britain 1700-1850 (Edinburgh University Press, 2009). Scotsman Critics Choice: Book of the Year 2009. 5* review in Building Design.

Edited Collections

G. A. Bremner (eds.), Inner Empire:  Architecture and Empire in the British Isles (with  Manchester University Press)

D. Maudlin and B. L. Herman (eds), Building the British Atlantic World: Spaces, Places and Material Culture 1600 – 1850 (University of North Carolina Press, 2016)

D. Maudlin and M. Vellinga (eds), Consuming Architecture: On the Occupation, Appropriation and Interpretation of Buildings (Routledge, 2014)

D. Maudlin and R. Peel (eds), The Materials of Exchange Between Britain and North East America, 1750-1900 (Ashgate, 2013)

D. Maudlin and R. Peel (eds), Traffic and (Mis)Translations: Transatlantic Exchanges between Britain and New England (University of New England Press, 2013)


D. Maudlin, 'Inns of the Wild Frontier', Architecture and Empire, Perspecta, Journal of the Yale School of Architecture, 52 (2018), XX- XX.

D. Maudlin, 'The Polite Inn: Sociability, Space and Materiality in the Eighteenth-Century British Town', Urban History (forthcoming).

D. Maudlin, 'On the characters of inns': mobility, space and material culture in eighteenth-century Britain, (submitted)

D. Maudlin, 'History, Heritage and the Inn in the British Atlantic World, The Hotel in History: Evolving Perspectives, Journal of Heritage Tourism, 8 (2017), 1 - 20.

D. Maudlin, ‘Beginnings: Early Colonial Architecture’, in G. A. Bremner (ed.), Architecture and Urbanism of the British Empire (Oxford History of British Empire Series) (Oxford University Press, 2016)

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D. Maudlin, 'Palladianism and the Everyday', in Palladian Design: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, RIBA, 2016

D. Maudlin, ‘Atlantic Architectures’, Atlantic History (Oxford University Press Bibliographies Online) (OUP, 2013) 

R. Brown and D. Maudlin, ‘Concepts of  Vernacular Architecture’, in S. Cairns, C. Crysler and H. Heynen (eds), The Sage Handbook of Architectural Theory (Sage, 2012)

D. Maudlin, ‘Telling Stories: Myths and Memories of the ‘blackhouse’ in the Scottish National Narrative’, in O. H. Turner (ed), The Mirror of Great Britain: The Geography of British Architecture in the Seventeenth Century (Spire Books, 2012)

D. Maudlin, ‘Crossing Boundaries: Revisiting Some Thresholds of the Vernacular’, Vernacular Architecture, 41, 2010

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D. Maudlin, ‘Constructing Tradition and Identity: Englishness, Politics and the Neo-Traditional House’, Journal of Architectural Education, 61:3, 2009

D. Maudlin, ‘The Legend of Brigadoon: Architecture, Identity and Choice in the Scottish Highlands’, Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, 20:2, 2009 (winner of the Jeffrey Cook Prize, International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, UoC Berkeley)

D. Maudlin, ‘Modern Homes for Modern People: Identifying and Interpreting the Highland Building Boom, 1775-1825’, Vernacular Architecture, 39, 2008

D. Maudlin, 'Architecture and Identity on the Edge of Empire: Domestic Architecture of Scottish Settlers in Nova Scotia, Canada, 1800-1850’, Architectural History, 2007

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D. Maudlin, ‘How to Make a Scottish Borders Box Bed’, Regional Furniture XIV, 2000D. Maudlin, ‘Anglo-Malay Colonial Furniture’, Regional Furniture XIII, 1999

Other academic activities

Director, Cornerstone Heritage