Dr David Hilton

Dr David Hilton

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Media Arts

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


I am Programme Leader for Contemporary Film Practice&nbsp.

I am Academic Liaison for a number of Plymouth University partner colleges and FDA courses.


PHD 'Film and the Dartington Experience' 2004.

MFA Art Film, BA Fine Art,

Background in Coordinating Filmmakers' Workshop, Video Production, TV Documentary production, Video News and Features Editing.

Teaching interests

Film Video

Research interests

Doctoral thesis: 'Film and the Dartington Experience' looking at Dartington's history of work with film and its relationship to the Mythic status of Dartington. The work incorporates an experimental documentary video film and photographic works.

Having worked in film and video producing, editing and teaching for some years with a special interest in experimental and documentary work, I have developed work with photography and painting. As well as the qualities of particular media I am interested in time, space and the uncertainties that surround the particular in our perception.

This interest has extended to explore the possibilities of the 360 degree auditorium as a site of experience and filmic exploration. In the past two years I have produced 6 works for the 360 degree arena and produced three papers on the experience and potential of this work.

I am a member of the Land Water Research Group within the Faculty of Arts


Creative practice & artistic projects

Mybackground includes coordinating Filmmakers' Workshop, TV Documentaryproduction, Video News editing, Experimental Filmmaking. Research interestsinclude archive film regeneration and projects exploring memory artefacts andimaging using photography and video. Current work is investigating thepotential paradigm shift in the cinematic experience afforded by 360 degreeviewing experience. 

2015  'Crossing Lines': exploring 360 degree moving image. Lecture presentation TV interview and Master Class in 360-degree Filmmaking given by invitation at The Great Creator show organized by BritishCouncil in Beijing (Orange Hall, 19 Sanlitun Road, Taikoo LiSouth, Chaoyang District, Beijing) Oct 30th to Nov 1st. 


2015.'Ingenium quis habitat'; Paper presented at the International PanoramaCouncil’s International Panorama Conference in Altotting, Germany 11th – 14th Sept 2014.'Reframing a reconstruction' Paper presented at ‘The Interlude between body, artefact and discourse’, Plymouth Art Centre, 12 Jul 2013 - 14Jul 2013. Organizer team for Time Around Space ICCI 360 Conference PlymouthJune http://www1.plymouth.ac.uk/icci/360/Pages/default.aspx


2013. ‘A View in a Room’ presented at AVANCA | CINEMA Conferência Internacional Cinema -Arte,Tecnologia,Comunicação. Avanca Portugal 26th July 2013.http://www.avanca.org/EN/programa.php?diaID=3Published Avanca Cinema 2013.Portugal. pp. 454 - 460


2012 Associate Editor in Volume 2, Issue 2 of The InternationalJournal of the Image. August>


2012  'Being Where in the Dome' Paper by David Hilton and Martin Woolner submitted to Conference on the Image 26th 27th Sept Saint SebastianSpain Sept 2011.Published by ‘International Journal on the Image’ Volume 2,Issue 4 Common Ground , Chicaco ISSN: 2152-7857 > . http://isea2011.sabanciuniv.edu/

2011  'It’s Behind You,' Paper by David Hilton and Martin Woolner presented at ISCA 2011 Istanbul. 14th to 21st Sept 2011 in Experience of Film and Documentary Panel Sat 17th Sept.http://isea2011.sabanciuniv.edu/paper-list?page=3  http://www.avanca.org


2010 'Inside out: The Cortical Songs 360experiment', paper by DavidHilton and John Matthias presented at Avanca Cinema- International conference of Cinema, Portugal 28th to July 31st Aug  http://www.avanca.org


2005 'Film and Dartington' 30 minute video presented at 'Creativityand Place' ConferenceSchool of Geography, University of Exeter, 23 - 25 Junehttp://geography.exeter.ac.uk/creativeindustries/creativityandplace.shtml 


2004 'Film and The Dartington Experiment' Conference paper presented at the Constructing CommunitiesConference of theInterwar rural History Group Gregynog Powys 21-22 April


Other academic activities

My skills and interests include Film video production and editing, Archive film, Photography, music and painting as well as creativity as a major feature of personal fulfilment and professional development