Mr Davide Banfi

Mr Davide Banfi

School of Engineering (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


PhD student


Master’s Degree (2 years) in Engineering of Hydraulic and Transport Systems. Awarded with maximum mark (110) and cum laude, discussing a thesis in Maritime Construction. University of Naples “Federico II”, Faculty of Engineering (Italy).

Bachelor’s Degree (3 years) in Civil Engineering. University of Naples “Federico II”, Faculty of Engineering (Italy).

Professional membership

Italian's Institution of Civil Engineers. Sector: Civil and Environmental (Section A). Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Napoli (Italy).

Graduate Member of ICE (GMICE).

Research interests

  • Wave-structure interactions
  • Wave loading on coastal structures and wave energy converters
  • Physical modelling and field data

Research groups

  • Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport


Trinh, Q., Raby, A.,Banfi, D., Corrado, M., Chiaia, B., Rafiq, Y., & Cali, F. (2016). Modellingthe Eddystone Lighthouse response to wave loading. Engineering Structures125, 566-578.

Raby, A., Bullock, G.N., Banfi, D., Rafiq, Y., & Cali, F. (2015). Wave loading on rocklighthouses. In Proceedings ofthe Institution of Civil Engineers-Maritime Engineering (Vol. 169, No. 1, pp. 15-28). ThomasTelford Ltd.

Buccino, M., Vicinanza,D., Salerno, D., Banfi, D., & Calabrese, M. (2015). Natureand magnitude of wave loadings at seawave slot-cone generators. Ocean Engineering95, 34-58.

Buccino, M., Banfi, D.,Vicinanza, D., Calabrese, M., Giudice, G. D., & Carravetta, A. (2012). Nonbreaking wave forces at the front face of seawave slotcone generators. Energies5(11), 4779-4803.  10.3390/en5114779


Banfi, D., Raby, A., Simmonds, D., Rafiq, Y., & Bullock, G. (2017), Wave impacts on the Eddystone lighthouse: a field and laboratory investigation. Presented at the ICE Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters conference, September 2017, Liverpool, UK.

Banfi, D., Raby, A.,  & Simmonds, D. (2017). Characterisation of breaking waves on the Eddystone lighthouse: a laboratory investigation on wave pressure. Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 1(35), 15. 

Raby, A., Banfi, D. & Simmonds, D. (2015). Wave impacts on rock lighthouses. Coastal structures & solutions to coastal disaster joint conference 2015. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Stagonas, D., Marzeddu, A., Buccino, M., Calabrese, M., Banfi, D., Vicinanza, D., Kofoed, J-P., Pecher, A., Frigaard, P., & Pakozdi, C. (2014). Large scale experiments on the interaction of a caisson breakwater with breaking waves. Proceedings of the HYDRALAB IV Joint User Meeting. Lisbon, Portugal, July 2014.

Buccino, M., Salerno, D., Banfi, D., Vicinanza, D., Kofoed, J. P., & Calabrese, M. (2013). Breaker types and loading characteristics at SSG. In 10th Ewtec 2013 European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Series. Technical Committee of the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference. Aalborg, Denmark, 2-5 September 2013.

Buccino, M., Banfi, D., Vicinanza, & Calabrese, M. (2012). Il calcolo delle azioni ondose su un convertitore di energia del tipo SSG. XXXIII Convegno Nazionale di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche. Brescia, 10-15 Settembre 2012.

Additional information

Visiting researcher at MARINTEK (June 2012 – July 2013).
Research project founded by the European Commission within the program HYDRALAB IV. Large-scale experiments in the Ocean Basin of MARINTEK (Trondheim, Norway).
Laboratory tests and data analysis to evaluate the performance of caisson breakwaters under wave loading.

Researcher and project consultant within the program "PON PROVACI" (August 2012 – July 2013). 
University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy) - Faculty of Civil Engineering. 
Design and consultancy of coastal structures based on scientific analysis of laboratory tests and numerical models.