Dr Davina Kirkpatrick

Dr Davina Kirkpatrick

NPIF Creative Economy Engagement Fellow

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


3D3 CDT National Productivity Investment Fund: Creative Economy Engagement Fellow - Immersive Environments and Serious Play: New Initiatives for Patient-Practitioner Interaction.


PGCE (awarded 2004)UoP

MA Multi-disciplinary Print (awarded 2010) UWE
PhD Creative Arts and Cultural Geography (awarded 2017) UWE  

Professional membership

Association Of Medical Humanities.(http://amh.ac.uk)

ANI-net - The Artful Narrative Inquiry Network (https://aninetwork.wordpress.com)
SPP - Space, Place, Practice (https://spaceplacepractice.wordpress.com/about/)

Research interests

Purposeful/serious play

Narrative Inquiry

Collaborative writing practices

Arts based and practice based methods

Grief, loss and pain.


PhD Thesis - Grief and Loss: Living with the presence of absence. A practice based study of personal grief narratives and participatory projects (built on the MA Thesis - Purposeful Play - Grief, loss and the Glory Woods). It addressed the question - Can personal grief narratives explored through contemporary arts practice, auto-ethnographic writing, and the participatory performative act of making and being in specific places result in access into the potentially, restorative space of mourning; moving between what continues to exist and what is missing in the physical world? It extended the social science methodological framework of method assemblage (Law 2010) within a practice-based artistic context with an auto-ethnographic research practice to create a new methodological framework for artistic practice.

Davina's fellowship enables discovery through serious play using arts based methods to explore chronic pain through making, writing and performance. Taking an arts based approach to inquiring enables us to explore different knowledges and the articulation of these.

Grants & contracts

National Productivity Investment Fund Research Fellowship 2018-2019

Creative practice & artistic projects

In Davina's work there is thread of playfulness and inquiry that connects a varied and diverse career spanning theatre design, public art, socially engaged practice, and collaborative interdisciplinary projects with the discipline of training in architectural glass, vitreous enamel and print.


Maker at Maker Heights, June 2018  (with Natalie Raven, Dagmar Schwitzgebel, Rocyhne Delaney McNulty, Shelley Owen, Carly Seller).

Back Lane West, Cornwall, Feb 2016.

Bildwerk Frauenau, Germany, May 2013.

Selected exhibitions:

Library of pilgrimages, with Space Place Practice Research Group, 2017    

Trowbridge Museum.

PhD Exhibition, 2017, F Block Gallery, Bower Ashton, UWE.

Tying the ThreadsThe Height of him and Every Day for a Year, 2016, Back Lane West, Cornwall.

Museum Box Projectwith Space Place Practice Research Group, 2012, Bath

University and Museum In the Park Stroud.

Space, Place and Spectral Trace, an international exposition of artists  

considering notions of land, location, environment and memory, 2011, Motorcade/Flashparade Gallery, B.V. Studios, Bristol.


Articles in journals:

Inquiring into Red/Red Inquiring.  Gale,K, Gallant,M., Susanne G.,Kirkpatrick, D. Malthouse,M., Percy,M., Perrier,M.,   Porter,S.  Rippin,A., Sakellariadis,A., Speedy,J., Wyatt,J., & Wyatt,T.,   Humanities 2013 ,   2 , 253–277; doi:10.3390/h2020253. 

Chapters in books:

Collaborative writing as Inquiry,  Ed: Speedy,J. & Wyatt,J. ( 2014)  Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

A gap between;an open-ness in Between: ineffable intervals ( 2012)   Bristol: Wild Conversations Press.

"And where is your mother?" in Moving Between the Lines, ( 2012)   Bristol: Wild Conversations Press.

Contributions in conferences:

Tying the threads. She wonders/wanders Film.

AMH Medical Humanities June 2018


Fifty-two ways to deal with sudden and unexpected death.

PG Medical Humanities, June 2018


Dub Con # Me Too. Dubious Consent # Me Too Panel

Swan maidens, seal-skins and sirens – transformation beyond the PhD process. Intertwanglings Panel.  

Fourteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, May 2018.


Swan maidens, seal-skins and sirens – transformation beyond the PhD process. Wimmin-swimmin Panel

Fifty-two ways.Sex and Sensuality Panel.

Every day for a year.Installation.

European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Feb 2018


No one comes: The art of female ejaculation and other stories(with Alys Mendus, University of Hull).

Thirteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, May 2017.


She wonders/wanders about walking the paths of the Glory Wood.

Royal Geographic Society with IBS Annual Conference, Sept 2016.


She wonders/wanders about walking the paths of the Glory Wood.

Post-graduate Research Symposium, Plymouth University, Feb 2016.


Inquiring into Red/red inquiring.

Emotional Geographies Conference, Edinburgh University, June 2015.


Inquiring into Red/red inquiring, and film screening ofShe wonders/wanders.

Friendship and mourning.Friendship and Methodology, Methodology as Friendship Panel.

Eleventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Chicago, May 2015.


The sited social and the socially sited.

Vibrant Matters, A Land2/PLaCE Conference,Univ of Dundee, Jan 2015.


Tying the threads, navigating uncertain ground; grief, loss and tidal landscapes.

Sense of Place, 12thSymposium of Wadden Academie, Holland, June 2014.


Embodied absence and evoking the ancestors - a collaborative encounter.

Malady and Mortality Conference, University of Falmouth, Sept 2013.

Inquiring into Red/red inquiring.

Lives of Objects Conference, Wolfson College, University of Oxford, Sept 2013. 


Consolation-scapes session, Embodied absence and evoking the ancestors - a personal and collaborative encounter.

Emotional Geographies Conference, Groningen, Holland, July 2013. 


She wonders/wanders.(and a conversation with Ciara Healy)

PLaCE Speaker Series UWE, 2013.


Towards landscape as an ecology of practices of (non)representation.(with Dr Owain Jones).

PLaCE Visiting Lecture Series,UWE 2011


EXQUISITE PAIN: a proposition of the personal as reflection of the social. A consideration of beauty and pain in relation to love and loss: the importance of (forgetting and) rememberingthrough art(with Dr. Suze Adams and Penny Somerville).

Can Beauty Save the World? University of Bristol Doctoral Conference, 2010. 


Poets, Artists the Severn Estuary and us. (with Dr Owain Jones).

Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, 2010.


Purposeful Play: fairytales, dreamscapes, loss & The Glory Woods.

Death Day Conference, University of Winchester, 2009.