Elizabeth Done

Elizabeth Done

Lecturer in Education (Special Educational Needs)

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Lecturer on the SENCo Programme in the Plymouth Institute of Education.


B.Sc. Sociology (1983) London School of Economics and Political Science

PhD. Education (2011) University of Plymouth

Professional membership

Higher Education Academy Associate Membership

Roles on external bodies

Visiting fellow. Graduate School of Education, Bristol University, Bristol, U.K. 

Teaching interests

Research methods.

Student writing.

The politics of inclusion.

Theory-based analysis of inclusion policy and its implications for teachers in varied settings. 

Post-structuralist and feminist post-structuralist theory. 

Pedagogic theory in the context of competing discourses around education. 

Research interests

Theory-driven research into government policy around inclusion and its implications for teachers (with reference to key concepts in the inclusive education literature). 

The post-graduate student experience. 

Academic writing practices.