Dr Gareth Addidle

Dr Gareth Addidle

Lecturer in Criminology (Education)

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Business)


Gareth Addidle is a Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies and Programme Manager for the BSc (Hons) Police and Criminal Justice Studies degree.


Gareth has a BA (Hons) in Criminology and a PG Dip in Social Research (with policy analysis) from Glasgow Caledonian University.  He is currently completing his PhD investigating 'the implementation of Community Planning and Community Safety policies within Strathclyde Police'.

Gareth joined Plymouth in September 2010 having previously held the positions of Part-time Lecturer in Criminology at Glasgow Caledonian University, Associate Lecturer with the Open University and Academic Tutor with Kaplan Open Learning. 

Professional membership

Member, British Society of Criminology

Member, Scottish Institute for Police Research

Member, Scottish Community Safety Network

Roles on external bodies

Member of British Society of Criminology post-graduate committee

Secretary of the South-West region of the British Society of Criminology

Teaching interests

Gareth teaches at various stages of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies and Police and Criminal Justice degree programmes at Plymouth, including the modules: 

An Introduction to the Criminal Justice Process in England and Wales (Stage 1) 
Policing and Community Safety (Stage 2)
Criminological Research Methods (Stage 2)
Crimes of the Powerful (Stage 3 and MSc)

He also supervises undergraduate and Masters dissertation project students.

Research interests

My main research interests include: policing, community safety, restorative justice and child trafficking.

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