Dr Gianni Corino

Dr Gianni Corino

Head of Institute

Academic Partnerships


Digital Art and Technology Subject Leader
Interactive Media Associate Professor

Roles on external bodies

International Sociological Association member 

Research Committee on the Body in the Social Sciences  research area coordinator

Research groups

  • i-DAT (Institute of Digital Art & Technology)

Corino G., Shingleton D., Speed C., Pervasive memory, locative narrative in REM: Research on Education and Media, vol 2, n. 2, December 2010. http://rivisteonline.erickson.it/rem/

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ISBN 97818410022536

Corino G., “Social Bodies and Locative Technologies” in ActingBodies and Social Networks: A Bridge Between Technology and Working Memory, B.M. Pirani and I. Varga (eds),  University Press of America, Lanham(2009) 

ISBN 0-7618-4997-1 / 978-0-7618-4997-1

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ISBN 978-88-6381-006-6

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Key publications are highlighted

Corino G 2016 'image or to image?' Ubiquity: The Journal of Pervasive Media , DOI PEARL
Corino G & Phillips M 2016 'Thingbook: The Society of All Things (Humans, Animals, Things and Data)' Digitcult. Scientific Journal on Digital Cultures , DOI PEARL
Conference Papers
Willis K & Corino G 2014 'Shifting Contexts: Investigating the Role of Context in the Use of Ubiquitous Computing for Design-Based Learning' 10th International Conference on Mobile Learning 2014 Madrid 28/02/2014 02/03/2014
Willis K, Corino G, Martin K & Aurigi A 2012 'Developing a Locative Engagement Toolkit' Media Architecture Biennale 2013 Aarhuus, Denmark 15/11/2013 17/11/2012 New York, NY, USA ACM 75-78 , DOI