Dr Gunnar Schmidtmann

Dr Gunnar Schmidtmann

Lecturer in Optometry

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health and Human Sciences)


Lecturer in Optometry

First Year Tutor


2016 - 2017: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, McGill University, Canada)

2013 - 2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (McGill Vision Research, Department of Ophthalmology, McGill University, Canada)

2008 - 2013: PhD Vision Science (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK)

2005 - 2008: BSc Optometry (University of Applied Sciences, Lübeck, Germany)

Professional membership

Vision Science Society (VSS)
Applied Vision Society (AVA)
The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

Teaching interests

2017-present: OPT403 - Optics - Module Leader
2017-present: OPT404 - Visual Perception 
2017-2018:     OPT402 - Clinical Optometry Skills

Research interests

Contour - and curvature encoding and shape perception
Spatial summation, probability summation and signal detection theory
Peripheral vision
Face perception and emotions
Visual function of patients with traumatic brain injury and stroke
Glaucoma and intraocular pressure

Grants & contracts

Co-grantholder with Ian Gold (PI) and Elevate Solomonova on SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada) Insight Grant #435-2017-1215 (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Key publications are highlighted

Schmidtmann G & Fruend I 2018 'Radial frequency patterns describe a small and perceptually distinct subset of all possible planar shapes' Vision Research , DOI PEARL
Schmidtmann G, Ruiz T, Reynaud A, Spiegel DP, Laguë-Beauvais M, Hess RF & Farivar R 2017 'Sensitivity to Binocular Disparity is Reduced by Mild Traumatic Brain Injury' Investigative Opthalmology & Visual Science 58, (5) 2630-2630 , DOI PEARL
Schmidtmann G & Kingdom FAA 2017 'Nothing more than a pair of curvatures: A common mechanism for the detection of both radial and non-radial frequency patterns' Vision Research 134, 18-25 , DOI PEARL
Baldwin AS, Schmidtmann G, Kingdom FAA & Hess RF 2016 'Rejecting probability summation for radial frequency patterns, not so Quick!' Vision Research 122, 124-134 , DOI PEARL
Schmidtmann G, Ouhnana M, Loffler G & Kingdom FAA 2016 'Imagining circles – Empirical data and a perceptual model for the arc-size illusion' Vision Research 121, 50-56 , DOI PEARL
Schmidtmann G, Jennings BJ, Bell J & Kingdom FAA 2015 'Probability, not linear summation, mediates the detection of concentric orientation-defined textures' Journal of Vision 15, (16) 6-6 , DOI PEARL
Schmidtmann G, Jennings BJ & Kingdom FAA 2015 'Shape recognition: convexities, concavities and things in between' Scientific Reports 5, (1) , DOI PEARL
Schmidtmann G, Logan AJ, Kennedy GJ, Gordon GE & Loffler G 2015 'Distinct lower visual field preference for object shape' Journal of Vision 15, (5) 18-18 , DOI PEARL
Kingdom FAA, Baldwin AS & Schmidtmann G 2015 'Modeling probability and additive summation for detection across multiple mechanisms under the assumptions of signal detection theory' Journal of Vision 15, (5) 1-1 , DOI PEARL
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Conference Papers
Schmidtmann G & Gold I 2018 'The McGill Face Database: A Novel Database of Facial Expressions of Mental States'
Schmidtmann G, Sleiman D, Pollack J & Gold I 2016 'Reading the Mind in the Blink of an Eye - A novel database for facial expressions' 238-239
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Jennings BJ, Schmidtmann G & Kingdom FAA 2015 'Shape recognition: The predominate role of convexities' 459-459
Schmidtmann G & Kingdom FAA 2014 'Imagining circles' 1127-1127
Schmidtmann G, Kennedy GJ, Orbach HS & Loffler G 2012 'Inferior superiority: shape discrimination is better in the lower compared to the upper visual field' 217-218
Schmidtmann G, Kennedy G, Orbach H & Loffler G 2011 'Local curvature detectors and global shape processing' 118-118
Schmidtmann G, Orbach HS, Kennedy GJ & Loffler G 2011 'Sampling shape space: discrimination of morphed radial frequency patterns' 209-209
Schmidtmann G, Kennedy G, Orbach H & Loffler G 2010 'Nonlinear global summation in the perception of non-circular contours' 270-270
Schmidtmann G, Kennedy G, Orbach HS & Loffler G 2009 'Global pooling in shape perception' 75-75


Personal Website: http://www.gunnar-schmidtmann.com

PubMed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=gunnar+schmidtmann

Academia.edu: https://ymouth.academia.edu/GunnarSchmidtmann

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8180-7751