Dr Gursewak Aulakh

Dr Gursewak Aulakh


PhD (Reading), MSc (Nat Res Mgt) (WA), PG Dip L Arch (Hons) (SPA Delhi), BSc (Panjab), Cert in Art (Penrith NSW)

Professional membership

. Fellow Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)

. Registered Landscape Architect,  Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)


Teaching interests

Landscape design, Architecture and Landscape relationships, Landscape Urbanism, Landscape assessment and planning, Geographical information systems and land use analysis

Research interests

.Landscape urbanism

Landscape vs architecture relationships 

Sustainable settlements
. Cultural politics of landscape
 . Urban rural fringe
. Broad scale landscape assessment and planning problems
. GIS analysis of land use and landscape change
 . GIS applications in land use conflict mediation/mitigation such as golf courses as a land use

Other research

Cordiale - Interreg iv project with Devon County Council, Tamar AONB and French partners amongst others

Creative practice & artistic projects

Worked on a number of landscape consultancy projects ranging from large scale environmental assessment to detailed design eg.

Environmental Assessment, recreational planning, resource management for an indigenous community in Broome, Western Australia

Landscape plans for industrial cities, shopping complexes, Asian games village complex - in several Asian countries

Published work and other scholarly activities:

§  . Abdollahnejad, Z. Watson, L. Aulakh, G. and Mackie, M. Critical Analysis of Jame Mosque Nomination File as World Heritage Site. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol 6, No. 4 August 2014.

§  . Porter, C and Aulakh G.S. (2014) Wellbeing by design: a case study of Hospice Gardens, forthcoming in Coles. R. Different Perspectives of Wellbeing to be published by Birmingham City University.

§  . Cahill, J. and Aulakh, G. Urban Farming Plymouth – myth or reality Paper submitted to 2nd International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience to be held at UCL later this year.

. Aulakh, G.S., Moore, S. and Parker, K (2014) Alleyways as ‘other’ spaces:  life of the alleyway in Plymouth, paper submitted to Mediated City Conference, London - currently being revised.

.  Porter, C and Aulakh G.S. (2013) Well being by design: a case study of Hospice Gardens, Paper presented at Wellbeing 2013 Conference at City University Birmingham, 24-25 July 2013.
. Aulakh, G.S., Loram A. (2013) Re-creating sustainable living environments within urban landscapes, full paper accepted at International Conference on “Changing Cities”: Spatial, morphological, formal & socio-economic dimensions, Skiathos island, Greece, June 18 to 21, 2013.
. Aulakh, G.S., Loram A.  (2012) Re-creating sustainable living environments within urban landscapes, poster paper was accepted for presentation at International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience, UCL London.
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