Miss Heather Richmond

Miss Heather Richmond

Associate Lecturer

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


PGCAP, Plymouth University

First Class Honors, BA Hons Contemporary Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds.

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy, VCTC

First Aid at work training. DBS checked. Full Driving Licence.


Heather grew up in Devon and went on to complete the apprenticeship withSprings Dance Company in 2011 with the opportunity to also train with Ad Deum Dance Company in Texas. She then went on to train at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in July 2014.

She has worked with choreographers including Balbir Singh, Jane Castree, Gary Clarke, Charles Linehan, Charlotte Spencer, Corey Baker, Angus Balbernie and Sharon Watson.

Since graduating, Heather was invited to perform, choreograph and teach with ‘Vou Dance Company’ in Fiji for 4 months, touring around the Fiji Islands and New Zealand.

She then returned to Devon, performing and teaching consistently with Spindrift Dance Collective and Jane Castree Dance Collaborations as well as founding ‘Ivybridge Dance Academy’. She joined Exim Dance Company as company dancer in August 2015 and is now Assosiate Lecturer for Plymouth University.

Heather founded her own touring professional dance company in 2015, 'HeatherWalrondCompany' which is supported by Arts Council England. She has just managed her first International Residency in Plymouth with Fiji's professional touring dance company 'Vou' and is currently tour booking her new work 'The Rising'.


Roles on external bodies

Artistic Director, HeatherWalrondCompany

International Projects Project Coordinator, Plymouth Dance.

Sports Massage Therapist, Bowden Physio

Teaching interests

I am interested in developing each individual person I teach, concentrating on empowerment through the way I teach to help them each feel valued and important throughout my lessons. I aim to give positive and critical feedback so each student develops to the best of their potential throughout the time they have me as a lecturer.

I deliver technique that is highly in depth and physical with strong, grounded movements, drawing influences from my very cultured training. 

I am interested in using a mixture of techniques within my class drawing from the axis syllabus, cunningham, improvisation and release technique.
There is a clear focus throughout the technique on dynamics, rhythm, texture and taking risks within movement.  

Grants & contracts

Funding received from:

Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts.

Gane Trust

Devon Educational Trust

Elmgrant Trust

Plymouth Culture

Creative practice & artistic projects

My creative and artistic work is all on my updated website: www.heatherwalrondcompany.com


Website: www.heatherwalrondcompany.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heatherwalrondcompany/?pnref=lhc