Dr Hilary Duckett

Dr Hilary Duckett

Associate Professor in Human Resource Studies

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Director Plymouth Business School

I have over 20 years’ experience in educational management and consultancy in the UK and in Asia.  I've led a number of teams operationally and strategically including teams of disciplinary experts and university-wide roles in teaching and learning innovation and development.  My  research interests include leadership and entrepreneurship pedagogy.  I am currently employed as Director of the Plymouth Business School.  PBS has over 2000 students (23% international) enrolled and employs approximately 120 academics and professional support staff. I have a strategic leadership role which includes portfolio development, marketing and branding, student recruitment and programme delivery. I recently led a number of consultancy projects in the regional health sector including the design of a senior leadership development programme.  PBS is luanching the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre in November 2013 and this will have a significant University and regional role in fostering innovation and business generation.  Part of this development has included a strategic partnership with Babson College.   

Research interests

Undertaking leadership research particularly in a public sector framework and from social constructionist and grounded perspectives.  Researching and publishing in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership education.

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