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Dr James Jordan

Transart (Academic Partnerships)


Associate Lecturer in History

Research Associate Plymouth Business School: Talent Hub


PhD; PgCert; BA (Hons) History

Professional membership

Member of the Social History Society
Member of the Society for Renaissance Studies

Teaching interests

Early Modern Social and Cultural History

The Civil Wars in Britain and Ireland

Gender History

The History of Masculinity

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Britain

Crime and Deviance

Visual and Material Culture

World History

Public History

Research interests

My research iscentred on the construction of gender identities during the early modernperiod. My PhD thesis identified the prescriptions and perceptions of manhoodand manliness across the long seventeenth century, and began to explore theways in which masculine identities altered over the course of the life span. Iam particularly keen to develop my research by bridging family, gender andsocial history and embarking on an in-depth analysis of fatherhood andparenting during the early modern period.


Mycurrent position is within the Plymouth Business School and is linked to theTalent Hub. I am particularly interested in HE pedagogy and looking at the waysin which 'employability skills' are embedded within the curriculum.


Grants & contracts

Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded by the University of Plymouth


Jennifer Jordan, ed., ‘Desperate Housewives’: Politics,Propriety and Pornography, Three Centuries of Women in England (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, in press)

Articles / Chapters:

Jennifer Jordan,“Doublet-and-Hose Ought to Show Itself Courageous to Petticoat’: Cross-dressing and Constructing Gender in Early Modern England’, in ‘Desperate Housewives’: Politics,Propriety and Pornography, Three Centuries of Women in England ed. Jennifer Jordan (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, in press)

Jennifer Jordan, “That ere with Age, His Strength is Utterly Decay’d’: Understanding the Male Body in Early Modern England’, Bodies, Sex and Desire from the Renaissance to the Present eds. Kate Fisher and Sarah Toulalan (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), pp. 27-48

Jennifer Jordan, “To Make a Man Without Reason’: Examining Manhood in Early Modern England’, What is Masculinity?, eds. John Arnold and Sean Brady (Basingstoke: Palgrave 2011), pp. 245-262

Jennifer Jordan, ‘Her-story Untold: The Absence of Women’s Agency in Constructing Concepts of Early Modern Manhood’, Social and Cultural History Journal vol. 4:4, (2007) pp. 575-583

Jennifer Jordan, “Men Behaving Badly?’ Gentlemen, Rogues and Fellows in Elizabethan and Jacobean Nottinghamshire’, Transactions of the Thoroton Society vol. 110, (2006) pp. 59-67

PhD Thesis:

Jennifer Jordan, Becominga Man: Prescriptions of Manhood and Manliness in Early Modern England (PhD thesis, NTU, 2008)

Reports & invited lectures

Arts and Humanities Showcase Lecture, University of Plymouth: ‘Fathers and Sons in Seventeenth Century England’. 18 May 2011

CauntonLocal History Society Public Lecture: ‘Men Behaving Badly in SeventeenthCentury Nottinghamshire’. 14 April 2009

The Nottingham History Lecture for the Thoroton Society: ‘Gentlemen, Rogues and Fellows in Seventeenth Century Nottingham’. 11 November 2006