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Professor John Pointon

Associate Lecturer

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Emeritus Professor of Finance 


Qualifications: PhD BSc BA BTh FCA Background: John Pointon is Associate Lecturer part-time and also Emeritus Professor of Finance having been full-time Professor of Finance until his early retirement in 2011. He currently teaches Quantitative Finance and Methods to the MSc Finance students. John's research interests have led to publications with colleagues based in the UK, Germany, Egypt and Australia, over many years from 1978 to 2014 covering a range of issues including international shipping, bank credit scoring, the risk premium, the cost of capital, dividend policies, capital structure, tax systems, capital investment, share prices, share buy-backs, inflation, technological change, expropriation risk, finance leasing, and exchange rate risk.

Professional membership

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Roles on external bodies

    Methodist Local Preacher within the Plymouth and Devonport circuit.

Teaching interests

Quantitative Finance and Methods

Staff serving as external examiners

Prior external examining experience has been with: Aberdeen University, Aston University, Australian National University, Birmingham University, Bournemouth University, University of Central England, University College of North Wales, Exeter University, University of Gloucestershire, Salford University, Southern Cross University (Australia), and University of the West of England.  

Research interests

Recent research interests have been in:

- international shipping finance
- credit scoring
- capital structure
- dividend policy
- exchange rate risk

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Successful research degree completions (mainly as first supervisor):

Dr Lynn Hodgkinson, Dr Jon Tucker, Dr Sue Farrar, Dr Vince Hooper, Dr Fatih Yilmaz, Dr Ismail Ramli, Dr Asim Yuzbasioglu, Dr Teri McConville, Dr Sarah Claydon, Dr Jin Huan-Kim, Dr Mohammed Mustafa Omran, Dr Nasser Al-Shafi, Dr Sharifah Raihan Syed Zain, Dr Walaa ElKelish, Dr Rumbi Mukono, Dr Mohamed Bekiet El-Din, Dr Hussein Ali Hussein Abdou, Dr Ashraf Elbakry, Dr Moji Olugbode (TYL) and Dr Abdallah Al Khawaldeh.

Grants & contracts

I do not currently hold any research grants. But in the past, I have received grants from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Nuffield Foundation.

ARTICLES IN REFEREED JOURNALS (details of earlier publications over the last 30 years available on request)

Determinants of capital structure in the UK retail industry: a comparison of multiple regression and generalized regression neural network, H Abdou, A Kuzmic, and J Pointon, Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management, (accepted, 2012).

A Variable Impact Neural Network Analysis of Dividend Policies and Share Prices of Transportation and Related Companies, HA Abdou, J Pointon, A El-Masry, M Olugbode, and RJ Lister, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 796-813, 2012

Factors Influencing the Propensity to Export: A Study of UK and Portuguese Textile Firms, F Serra, J Pointon and H Abdou  International Business Review, Vol 21, No 2, pp 210-224, April 2012.

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Does the Inflation Rate Affect the Performance of the Stock Market? The Case of Egypt. M Omran and J Pointon, Emerging Markets Review, Issue 2, pp 263 – 279, 2001 

BOOK CONTRIBUTIONS since 2001 (details of earlier publications over the last 30 years available on request)

Assessing the Cost of Capital (Chinese Edition), translated by Jun Pu Jiao and Yang Gao, China Financial Publishing House of Beijing, 163 pp, 2003.

UK Taxation and Finance Leasing, J Pointon and E Welsh, in Taxation: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy, Volume 1, edited by S James, Routledge, London, pp 219-236, 2002.

Assessing the Cost of Capital, J Pointon, Financial-Times Prentice-Hall, Executive Briefing Series, 142pp, 2002.  



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