Dr Jolanta Kisielewska

Dr Jolanta Kisielewska

Lecturer in Physiology (Education)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


Lecturer in Physiology, Medical Knowledge Module Lead. 

Lead in nutrition
Co-lead in physiology

I joined this wonderful medical school in October 2012. I am delighted to share my knowledge and experience with medical and dental students. I am thrilled to work in such a supportive and vibrant environment. I have a Master’s degree in genetics and a PhD in physiological sciences. The latter awarded in 1999, described human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) intracellular pathways in myometrial smooth muscle cells. My knowledge is supported by my research expertise in cell cycle and reproduction, which I conducted in national and international labs. In 2007 I was awarded a prestigious Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship and started to run my own laboratory at the Newcastle University supported by a number of external and internal grants. Conducting research was a fantastic experience where I applied a combination of many state of art technologies to study the mechanisms that control proper genome duplication during embryonic development. Over the years I have had many successes teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students and I decided to continue my career as a lecturer and tutor and a pedagogic researcher. After joining PUPSMD I become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I play an active role in supporting the medical programme in the area of physiology and formative assessment as well as developing my research in medical education.


PhD in Physiology, MSc in Genetics, Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education

Professional membership

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Roles on external bodies

School Representative to MSCAA

Teaching interests

Physiology, nutrition within BMBS, Radiography and Physician Associate PG programme ; small group facilitator (PBL), Student Selected Component facilitator for "Rare congenital disorders", and "Impact of nutrition on health", Academic tutor.

Research interests

1. For 2018-2021, I am a co-researcher from UoP for European Erasmus + project “ Development of online international adaptive progress testing (OIAPT)” alongside Thomas Gale and Steven Burr. The project is led by Maastricht University and aims to adapt an applied knowledge test by algorithmic selection of questions where the level is tailored to the knowledge of a student. This is a 3 year pilot (€332,720; UoP €35,104), that aims to provide evidence that this innovative method of testing medical students is effective. There are 7 European partners involved and three of us represent and lead the research part of this development for UoP. 

2.  2016_2018, I have been co-researcher in an inter-faculty project, led by Dr Kamran Ali, on “Impact of Learning Disabilities on the Performance of Students in Healthcare Education”. I led medical programme part of this research. This research has been presented at Association of Dental Research meeting in Vancouver in June 2019. (K. Ali, J. Kisielewska, F. Subhan, K. Tredwin, 2019) 

3. I was the Principal Investigator on a research project in collaboration with psychometric team looking at “Impact of students’ engagement with online formative medical knowledge tests (AMK) on their academic performance”. Podium presentation, EBMA conference, Braga, Portugal, November 2018: D.Zahra, E.Gabe-Thomas, J.Kisielewska.

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