Dr Katie Head

Dr Katie Head

Technical Specialist

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Technical Specialist (Palaeoecology)



PhD Early Holocene Cooling in the British Isles Queen's University, Belfast. Supervisors: Prof. Chris Turney, Prof. Jon Pilcher, and Dr Jonathan Palmer

MSc Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy, University of Sheffield

BA (Hons) Environment and Archaeology, University of Wales, Lampeter

Professional membership

Quaternary Research Association

European Association of Archaeologists

British Ecological Society

Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

Teaching interests


I teach a variety analytical skills in palaeoecology. These are primarily pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs, tephra analysis but also diatoms, testate amoebae, charcoal, plant macrofossils, molluscs, foraminifera, sediment analysis (LOI, bulk density, humification), and microscopy. I also teach a number of field techniques including coring, and geophysical techniques such as ground penetrating radar and magnetic susceptibility.

I teach 1st year undergraduates pollen analysis and archaeological landscape interpretation; 2nd years Quaternary Environments and also palaeoecology themes within the Dissertation Workshops; 3rd years Long term Ecology. I am also involved with the 1st year residential field trip to Bath and the Somerset Levels.

Research interests

Short-term Holocene climatic change in the terrestrial record (pollen, diatoms, plant macrofossils)


Environmental archaeology

Ground penetrating radar

Member of the Quaternary Environments Research Group


Grants & contracts

Seasonal Pollen Monitoring 2018, Met Office

Celtic Connections and Crannogs: A new study of lake settlements across the Irish Sea (AHRC)

Seasonal Pollen Monitoring 2017, Met Office

Reconstructing the Late Glacial-Holocene transition at Hawks Tor, Bodmin Moor in South West Cornwall using beetle remains as an environmental/climatic proxy, School of Geography Research Pump Priming Fund 2008

Key publications are highlighted

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