Dr Keri Collins

Dr Keri Collins

Post Doctoral Research Fellow - COaST

School of Marine Science and Engineering (Faculty of Science & Environment)

Professional membership

Associate member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Teaching interests

Supervision of project students for PRCE507 (MEng Civil and Coastal Engineering) and PRME304 (BEng Mechanical Engineering) Conducted laboratory sessions and marking for MAR504, MARN201 Tutoring/supervising and marking DSGN313 Available for MATLAB tutoring

Research interests

Hydrodynamics, underwater propulsion/movement, bio-inspired design, flexible structures.

Research groups

  • Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport

Key publications are highlighted

Collins KM, Meng M, Le HR, Greaves D & Bellamy NW 2017 'Modelling of the buckling of a diaphragm–spine structure for a wave energy converter' Materials & Design 119, 159-170 , DOI PEARL
Le HR, Collins KM, Greaves DM & Bellamy NW 2015 'Mechanics and Materials in the Design of a Buckling Diaphragm Wave Energy Converter' Materials & Design 79, 86-93 , DOI PEARL
Rapid communications
Toffoli A, Waseda T, Houtani H, Kinoshita T, Collins KM, Proment D & Onorato M 2013 'Excitation of rogue waves in a variable medium: An experimental study on the interaction of water waves and currents' Physical Review E 5, (87) , DOI
Conference Papers
Collins KM, Howey B, Vicente P, Gomes R, Harnois V, Hann M, Iglesias Rodriguez J & Greaves DM 2017 'A Physical Mooring Comparison for a Floating OWC' 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Cork, Ireland 28/08/2017 31/08/2017
Ransley E, Brown SA, Howey B, Collins K & Greaves D 2017 'Numerical Modelling of a Floating OWC-WEC Using CFD' 4th PRIMaRE Conference Southampton 06/07/2017 07/07/2017
Collins KM, Iglesias G, Greaves D, Toffoli A & Stripling S 2014 'THE NEW COAST LABORATORY OF PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY: A WORLD-CLASS FACILITY FOR MARINE ENERGY' Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013 Edinburgh, UK 18/09/2013 20/09/2013 ICE Publishing Publisher Site
Collins K, Iglesias G, Stripling S, Toffoli A & Greaves DM 2013 'The new COAST laboratory at Plymouth University: A world-class facility for marine energy' ICE Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013: From Sea to Shore - Meeting the Challenges of the Sea Edinburgh, UK 18/09/2013 20/09/2013
Collins KM, Brown JC, Ladd RR, Chambers LD, Bowyer A & Megill WM 2011 'Variable stroke timing of rubber fins' duty cycle improves force' 613-618 , DOI
Brown J, Chambers L, Collins KM, Akanyeti O, Visentin F, Ladd R, Fiorini P & Megill W 2011 'The interaction between vortices and a biomimetic flexible fin' 418-419 , DOI
Collins KM, greaves D, Hann M, Howey B, Iglesias rodriguez G & Harnois V 2016 D6.1 - Analysis of different potential configurations of non-rigid Inter-moored devices. Publisher Site
Collins KM & Dai YM 2014 Possible power production for a WITT device deployed on a ship.
Collins KM & Dai YM 2013 Ship motion characteristics. WITT consortium
Collins KM, Hann M, Iglesias Rodriguez G, Greaves DM, Vicente P & Harnois V Collins KM, Hann M, Iglesias Rodriguez G, Greaves DM, Vicente P & Harnois V 0 'Breakthroughs in WEC arrays Shared moorings and cablings in the WETFEET project' 0 0 PEARL
Collins KM, Arber P, Greaves D, Hann M, Iglesias G, Simmonds D, Stripling S & Toffoli A Collins KM, Arber P, Greaves D, Hann M, Iglesias G, Simmonds D, Stripling S & Toffoli A 0 'Facilitating coastal and ocean research in the laboratory' 0 0 PEARL
Collins KM, David-West O, Le H & Greaves DG Collins KM, David-West O, Le H & Greaves DG 0 'From Concept to Laboratory Testing: the Development Cycle of a Novel Wave Energy Converter' 0 0

Other academic activities

Founder member and project manager for the human-powered submarine project: PULSE (Plymouth University Leg-powered Submarine Engineering). At the eISR 2014, our submarine Mayflower can 3rd overall and became the fastest human-powered submarine built by any UK team. We also won the prize for Reliability. We welcome mambers from any discipline who wish to get involved. https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/plymouth-university-dive-deep-to-break-human-powered-submarine-record