Ms Liz Nicol

Ms Liz Nicol

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Photography

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Art Foundation, Wallasey school of Art (1974 - 75)

Studied Creative Photography at Trent polytechnic and Derby Lonsdale (1975 - 78)

First teaching post on the Art Foundation Course at Nelson & Colne college of Further Education.(1978 - 1981)

Moved to Exeter College of Art (1981) on Fine Art now teaching on Media Arts and Photography programmes, Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth.

Research interests

I am interested in the process of photography, particularly the photochemical process and some of the early processes like the cyanototype - the blue print. I respond to the physicality of the process, I like working in the darkroom - many of my works are large scale. I am interested in the relationship between object and image.

Presentation is important and reveals the process of making the work which is oftern reworked over a period of time. For example in the ongoing series of images of figureheads I have layered the figures with some of the first landscapes I took as a student some 25 years ago.

The motivation for working with photography is to make sense of the things around me and to serve as my visual memory. Whether it is looking at my family or looking at how I or the family relate to our culture or simply looking more closely at the objects collected from the beach that could remain on the back door step for years or be brought into the darkroom.

Narratives underly many of the works whether it is collecting rubber bands every day for the period of a year or picking up feathers on a misty walk along the cliffs. Many photographs are taken on holiday - at the zoo, the aquarium or museum, they may be off fish on the market stall in Barcelona or from an adventure in my recently refurbished sailing canoe.

The subject matter is oftern linked to the sea, the coast connected to and by water, they may refer to an epic journey of a figurehead or to the floating sinking actions of the jelly fish.

'Landscape photography' is a definition I have resisted as is the context of the 'photo' gallery. The research question is more of a statement of interest, in the world around me and the floating thoughts around me, moments in time that I pay attention too. The question could be how to capture and play with these moments through the processes of photography.