Lynne Butel

Lynne Butel

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Strategic Management

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Director of Postgraduate Programmes and Deputy Head (Resources and Planning) 
Plymouth Graduate School of Management 

Associate Professor in Strategic Management.  Research interests in modelling entrepreneurial behaviour, the dynamics of business clusters and the SW marine sector. Responsible for modules in International Strategic Management, and Global Enterprise. Director of Studies of several PhDs in the field of the strategic motives of international joint ventures and alliances; knowledge acquisition through networks and multiple business relationships and the application of complexity theory to strategic management of organisations.

Visiting Professor University of Hong Kong, School of Professional and Continuing Education


Head of Operations and Strategy Subject Group, University of Plymouth,
Principal Lecturer in Strategic Management, University of Plymouth,
Senior Lecturer in International Business, University of Central Lancashire, 
Lecturer in Economics, University of Lancaster,
Visiting Professor Universidad de Extremadura, Spain,
Lecturer in Economics, Preston Polytechnic.


B.A. (Hons) M.A. University of Lancaster,
Herbert Norcross Scholar
Thesis Unemployment Alleviation Policies in Interwar Britain

Professional membership

BAM British Academy of Management
EIBA The European International Business Association
EURAM European Academy of Management -Founder Member

Roles on external bodies

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Asia Pacific Business
Executive Panel Member McKinsey Consultants Quarterly Review.
Founder Member EURAM, European Academy of Management

Teaching interests

  • International Strategic Management,      
  • Strategy as Practice
  • innovation, entrepreneurship and rural businesses

Staff serving as external examiners

Award External examiner for the MBA at Bournemouth University
Examiner University of Cambridge PhD

Research interests

Strategic networks, business ecosystems, structures and strategies, knowledge sharing/transfer, Agent Based Modelling of strategic behaviour  

Other research

Current research Projects

  • RUC-APS - Horizon 2020  Marie Curie funded project on Risk Uncertainty and Collaboration in Agriculture.   
  • CABE Cornish Agri-food Business Ecosystems 2018

Consultancy Reports 

  • Butel, L (2015) Analysis of Liskeard's Neighbourhood Plan Preliminary Survey January
  • Butel, L (2002) Service Planning and corporate Strategy at Plymouth City Council: the Effectiveness Strengths and Weaknesses of the current Process. March  
  • Butel, L (2002) Service Planning and Corporate Strategy at Plymouth City Council; Developing a New Integrated and Robust Planning System, March 

Teaching Case Studies 

  • Butel, L (2015) Supplying the British Automotive Industry
  • Butel, L (2011) Global Oil
  • Butel L (2010) Cadbury Kraft
  • Butel, L (2007) Three Cornish Enterprises
  • Butel, L (2007) Enterprise at Eden 
  • Butel, L (2006) Pendennis Superyachts
  • Butel, L (2004) Strategic Change at the University of Plymouth 
  • Butel, L (2002) Planning at a Large City Council 
  • Butel L and Watkins, A  (2001)  Privatisation in the Gas Industry

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhDs supervised to completion

  • The Integration of Western and Arab Management Practices in Morocco - Imane El Hakimi. Awarded 2016 DoS
  • The Role of Underlying Mechanisms in achieving consistent hybrid combinations of Competitive advantages - Michael Zellner. Awarded 2014 DoS
  • Knowledge Transfer and Innovation in the Turkish Textile Industry: Dababrata Chowdhury. Awarded 2009 DoS
  • The Characteristics of Sino-Taiwanese Joint Ventures in the People's Republic of China: Liu Chen-Yu. Awarded 2007, DoS
  • International Joint Ventures in Egyptian Banking: Mansour Loytayif. Awarded 2004
Director of Studies to the following PhD students
  • DoS Anna Wolf: Knowledge transfer, collaborative relationships and the potential of open strategy
  • DoS Faisul Alam: The effect of knowledge sharing in SMEs, evidence of the Bangladeshi ready made garment industry
  • DoS Aseel Bahareth: Cultural Differences and Consumer satisfaction in the Service Sector. A comparison of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom
  • Second supervisor: Ridvan Karacay Promoting Regional Growth through sustainable Small Ports
  • Second supervisor: Caleb Danladi
Research degrees examined
  • Sapna Chacko: The Potentail fo Water Freight in the South West UK 2017
  • Oluwafemi Oyemomi: The Impact of Organisational Factors on Knowledge Sharing Performance 2016
  • Tianjiao Shang: Business Ecosystem Capabilities: the emerging Chinese electric Vehicle industry, University of Cambridge 2014
  • Emanuel Odolfin: Lean Engineering and Knowledge Transfer (2008)
  • Younnis Hammad: Competitive Advantage of SMEs in Palestine (2007)

Grants & contracts

  • CABE Cornish Agri-food Business Ecosystems 2018
  • RUC-APS Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Rise Risk E1.3mUncertainty Collaborationin Agricultural Productions Systems 2016--2020
  • ESRC Technology Strategy Board £85,797 Business Development and Diversification Strategy FHC 2014 -2016
  • CRA (Vice Chancellor's Community Research Award), £9600 Women in social enterprise (2012)
  • ICNR (International Collaboration and Networking Research)  £5700 with Professor Murat, University of Canakkale and Dr D Chowdhury (2011)
  • ESRC, £79,713 Knowledge Transfer Partnership on Strategic Management of Danser Engineering’s supply chain.(2010-2012) Lead Academic 
  • ESRC £82,457 Knowledge Transfer Partnership on The development of a Foundation Office at Plymouth College (2009-2011) Lead Academic
  • ESRC £112,302 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Plymouth City Council on Developing  Data Sharing and Knowledge Transfer to Improve Strategic Management (2008-2010)
  • DTI £113,341 Knowledge Transfer Partnership MTS Research on Process Innovation and Strategic Management in Blue Chip International Investment (2007-2009)
  • Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs £97191 Rural Diversification and New Product Development (2007-2009)
  • British Academy 2006 Research in the South West marine industries as cluster or co-location
  • DTI Knowledge Transfer Partnership Thermal Engineering Systems (2005-2007) 
  • DTI Knowledge transfer partnership with Kay transport Ltd. (2004-2006)
  • DTI Knowledge Transfer Partnership Pendennis Shipyard (2004-2006) 
  • Seed Corn Funding  (2003) Networks of International SMEs in Cornwall
  • Plymouth City Council (2002) A Review of Strategic Management Processes
  • British Council/Acciones Integradas (2000) Comparative Study of International SMEs in Britain and Spain
  • DEFRA Teaching Company Scheme Kernock Park (1997-1991) 
  • DEFRA Teaching Company Scheme Kernock Park (1995-1997) 


Asian Business Management Special Issue May 2018

International Journal of Decision Support Systems September 2018

previously Journal of Asia Pacific Business

Journal Papers

Ke Rong, Boyi Li, Butel, Lynne, Yu Jiang Yong Lin Thommie Burstom (eds) (2018) Business Ecosystems in the Asian context: the challenges of social embeddedness, Asian Business and Management 

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Refereed Conference Papers, Published in Proceedings

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Reports & invited lectures

INTERREG PROJECT TRINNO EU Project University of Galway Ireland invited speaker on Business ecosystems and small town networks October 2016

IEDRC Conference Keynote speaker, July 2014

British Council Symposium, Cardiff 2002.

British Council Symposium, Toward a Poly-centric Europe, Barcelona 2000