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Mr Malik Altayar

School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)


Mphil/PhD .  Title : Next generaton sequencing of blood groups: ABO, Duffy and Kidd

Started: October 2012

Supervisor: Professor Neil Avent and Dr. Tracey Madgett


BSC in medical technology, biomedical sciences. King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia 2007-2008

MSc Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences, University of Bristol, UK. 2010

Teaching interests

Blood transfusion demonstrator in Tabuk University, Saudi Arabia

Research interests

Blood transfusion Sciences

Human Blood groups

Blood group genotyping and next generation sequencing

Blood groups : ABO, Duffy and kidd

Grants & contracts

Funded by Saudi Arabia Government