Miss Maria Campbell

Miss Maria Campbell

School of Marine Science and Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD student



2008-2013 University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Doctor of Philosophy

Title: Understanding the behaviour of fishers due to closures in shelf-sea and deep-sea fisheries for the purposes of conservation and/ or marine renewable energy

Funded by Deep Sea Conservation UK and Peninsula Research Institute for Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE) (Funding only until March 2010, currently self-funded).  Using ArcGIS and modelling techniques to assess fishing in the SW England and NE Atlantic.  Assessing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) initiated for deep-sea corals and de facto MPAs due to offshore renewable devices

2003-2004 National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Master of Oceanography

MSc Project: Immunology of the native oyster Ostrea Edulis (L.)  (Distinction)

1998-2001 Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biological Sciences specialising in Physiology and Pharmacology


Feb 2005 - Present Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, Plymouth, UK

Phyto- and zooplankton analyst for North Atlantic samples

October 2010- October 2011 University of Plymouth

Research Assistant with the Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy

Marine and Coastal Policy Forum co-ordinator

March 2008 – March 2010 University of Plymouth, UK

Research Assistant with Deep Sea Conservation UK and PRIMaRE

Marine Week co-ordinator, Schools week for 11-16 year olds to learn about Marine Science

September 2007 National Science and Engineering Week, Norwich, UK

Scientific Journalist writing media pieces for the British Science Association website

March 2006- May 2009 Communications Inc, London, UK

Student  Researcher

July 2007 – September 2007 British Science Association, London, UK

Media Fellowship with BBC Countryfile

Feb 2005 – Sep 2007 Marine Biological Association of the UK, Plymouth, UK

Volunteer Research Assistant with ecotoxicology group working on endocrine disruption


Professional membership

Membership of educational networks

Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) (2005-)

International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INoRE) (2007-)

Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) (2005-)

World Association of Young Researchers (WAYS) (2004-)

Membership of Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union (2009-)

American Fisheries Society (2009-)

British Ecological Society (2007-)

British Science Association (2006-)

Marine Biological Association of the UK (2005-)

Porcupine Marine Natural History Society (2007-)

The Challenger Society for Marine Science (2004-)

Scottish Association for Marine Science (2009-)

Roles on external bodies

Member of ICES Study Group Environmental Impacts of Wave and Tidal Energy (SWGTE) (2012-)

Member of Fisher Informed Social, Historical, Economics & Ecological Research Network (FisherNET) group, with University of Ulster and NUI Galway (2011-) FishyKnowledge

Teaching interests

Marine Spatial Planning

May 09- 

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) for government offices and NGOs.  Lecture in aid of a new MSP course for those in planning, i.e. representatives from local government, land owners and NGO's.

Research interests

Research Interests

I am really interested in why fishers fish where they fish and trying to unravel this  by using novel techniques for the various metiers with the inshore and offshore fishing communtities of the UK/ Europe.  Of particular interest to me is displacement of activity due to MCZ formation and the emerging and rapidly expanding renewables industry.  I am really interested in the use of fishers' tacit knowledge in fisheries management  and in development of analyses that incorporate this to perhaps be able to predict movement of the various fleets.  I am also  interested in the use of communication network analysis and actor-network theory in fisheries management, especially when it comes to streamlining research effort in relation to fisheries closures so as to ensure a win win scenario for all.

Research Groups

Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre (MBERC)
The Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research (MarCoPol)
Peninsula Reserach Institute for Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE)
Plymouth Marine Science Partnership (PMSP)
Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS)

Courses/ Workshops attended

November 2011
Fishers' knowledge workshop, NUI Galway led by Brendan Flynn

October 2011
Inshore VMS demonstration by SeaFish, Brixham

February 2011
Introduction to R, CREEM St Andrews University

September 09, 10, 11
Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Autumn workshop on intertidal/ subtidal species identification

July 2008
INoRE workshop, Brest France

Conferences/ Symposia

September 2011

Marine Management Organisation and Plymouth Marine Science Conference Plymouth/ ICES Annual Science Conference Gdansk Poland
Poster presentation ' Mapping fisheries for resource management using Vessel Monitoring System Data'

July 2011

MARES People and the Sea VI, Amsterdam

June 2011

UK's first Marine and Coastal Policy Forum, Plymouth (Co-ordinator)
Oral presentation 'Mapping fisheries for resource management using Vessel Monitoring System Data' (contribution to Marine Policy Special Edition)

July 2010

12th Deep-sea Biology Symosium, Rekjavik, Iceland
Poster presentation 'The protection of deep-sea corals within the continental limits of the UK and Ireland'

May 2010

British Science Association (BSA) Communication Conference, Guardian Media Centre, London

July 2009

PRIMaRE Business day, Plymouth, UK
Oral presentation 'Incorporating fisheries management into marine spatial planning through the use of vessel monitoring system (VMS) data'

December 2008 

Fourth  Deep-sea Coral Symposium, New Zealand
Poster presentation ' Deep-sea Corals of the UK and Ireland'

July 2008
Marine Energy Conference, Brest, France

March 2008

Porcupine Marine Natural History Society, Bangor, Wales, UK
Poster presentation 'Marine Protected Area Monitoring Tools'

July 2006

Malacological Society of London, London, UK
Poster presentation 'Rewiring Reproduction'



Other research

Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange (MREKE) Programme

A NERC funded knowledge exchange proposal to establish a fisheries displacement and mitigation working group

Grants & contracts

2011 ICES Annual Science Conference student bursary (700 Euros), Gdansk Poland

2010 British Science Association (£250) to attend  the BSA Communication Conference, London

2010 Marine Institute travel fund (£250) to attend the 12th Deep-sea Biology Symposium, Iceland

2008 ENCORA Travel Bursary (750 Euros) to attend Marine Energy Conference, Brest , France

2006 Marine Biological Association Research Bursary (£500)

2006 Malacological Society of London Research Bursary (£350)

Bicknell, A.W.J., Campbell, M.S., Knight, E., Bilton, D.T., Newton, J., Votier S. (2011) The effect of of formalin preservation on stable carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures on Calanoid copepods: Implications for use of the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey samples in stable isotope analyses.  Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 25(15): 1794-1800

Hall-Spencer, J.M., Tasker, M., Soffker, M., Christiansen, S., Rogers, S., Campbell, M. & Hoydal, K. (2009) The design of Marine Protected Areas on High Seas and Territorial waters of Rockall.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 397: 305-308

Langston, W.J., Chesman, B.S., Burt, G.R., Campbell, M.S., Manning, A. & Jonas, P.J.C (2007) The Severn Estuary: Sediments, contaminants and biota.  Occasional Publication of the Marine Biological Association 19.  Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Plymouth, UK

Reports & invited lectures

Seeley, B., Higgs, S., Lear, D., Neilly, M., Wilkes, P., Campbell, M., Evans, J. and Adams, L. (2010) Accessing and developing the required biophysical datasets and data layers for Marine Protected Areas network planning and wider marine spatial planning purposes. Report No 16: Task 2C. Mapping of Protected Habitats. Report to Defra. Contract number MB0102.

Student advisor:  Wilding, C., Jackson, E., Langmead, O., Hiscock, K., Evans, J., Sewell, J., Oakley, J. and Tyler-Walters, H. (2009) Marine Health Check  Update 2009.  Flagship species revisited.  Goldaming, WWF-UK.  MarLIN report in conjunction with WWF

Researcher: Von Lindenfels, M. (2006) An opportunity for High Seas Philanthropy.  A report for the J.M. Kaplan Fund

Other academic activities

Cruises atttended

2009 Deep-sea cruise with British Geological Society, Joint Nature Conservation Committee and University of Plymouth and MMT- AB (Sweden).  Geological and biological cruise to Anton Dohrn Seamount and Rockall Bank, UK.

2007 South West England Basking shark cruise with National Oceanography Centre (NOCs) in association with Sir Alistair Foundation for Ocean Science.  Lead Biologist on board.  Responsible for the training of first year Marine Science students at NOCs.

Plymouth University Graduate School work

Volunteer Post Graduate Mentor with the Graduate School

Additional information

Science Communication work

2011 ICES ASC September

Student perspective published in 'Inside Out' Magazine

2007 British Science Association National Science and Engineering Week

Various Articles published online at BSA Online

MBA/ SAHFOS Bioblitz volunteer

STEM Ambassador

MarLIN Seashore Sarafi Guide

Other Skills

PADI Open Water Diver (18 m)

Marine Mammal Medic

Sports Instructor for Junior grade (4-12 yr)

High level of French Written and spoken