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Miss Mariana Velasque Borges

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD Student: Assessing Systematic Intraindividual Variation in Behaviour (IIV) in Relation to Risk Perception and Metabolic Rate
Supervisors: Dr Mark Briffa, Dr Kimberley Bennett


MSc Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources. Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil). 2011-2013
Dissertation title: The influence of host phenology and climate on the behavior of an ecosystem engineering moth.
Supervisor: Dr Kleber DelClaro

BSc Hons Biological Sciences. Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil). 2007-2011
Dissertation title: Effects of seasonality and herbivory in intermediate Byrsonima
Supervisor: Dr Tara Marshall

PGCE Secondary Science Biology. Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil). 2007-2013

Velasque, M.; Del-Claro, K. 2016. Host plant phenology may determinethe abundance of an ecosystem engineering herbivore in a tropical savanna. InEcological Entomology

Velasque, M.; Briffa, M. 2016.The opposite effects of routinemetabolic rate and metabolic rate during startle responses on variation in thepredictability of behaviour in hermit crabs. In Behaviour.

Del-Claro, K.; Stefani, V.; Lange, D.; Vilela, A.; Nahas, L.; Velasque,M.; Torezan-Silingard, H. M. 2013. The importance of natural history studiesfor a better comprehension of animal-plant interactions networks. In BioscienceJournal

de Melo Júnior H.B; Velasque, M.; Domingues M.A., Borges, E.N. Efeitoda ação decompositora da minhoca californiana (lumbricus rubellus) nacomposição química de um fertilizante organomineral. In Bioscience Journal (InPortuguese).