Mr Marius Varga

Mr Marius Varga

Teaching and Research Associate

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Teaching interests

  • VR Development 
  • Game Development 
  • Unity3D Development 
  • C# & C++
  • Programming
  • Graphics Programming.
  • Teaching and Research Associate
  • Leading role in AINT254 - Interactive Systems Workshop. 
  • Teaching contribution to AINT354 - Design for Entertainment Systems.
  • Teaching contribution to AINT355 - Industry Engagement.
  • Project supervisor for final year students PRCO304 - Computing Project.
Professional membership
  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

Research interests

Research interests in complex data visualization in Virtual Reality as part of an interdisciplinary group, Interactive System Studio, focusing on research applications in VR. 

  • CogNovo research seminar 26th April 2016 - poster and demo
  • UK Robotics Week 30th June 2016 - poster, demo and talk.
  • Neuroinformatics International Conference 2016 3rd - 4th of September 2016 - poster, demo, talk and invited to be part of the conference panel discussing the role of AR and VR in Neuroinformatics. 
  • Link to the Neuroinformatics International Conference 2016 talk:
  • Off the Lip 2016 22nd October 2016 - poster and demo.

  • Virtual Reality Visualisation of a Biologically Realistic Anatomical and Functional Model of the Tadpole Spinal Cord  -