Mr Mark Wiggins

Mr Mark Wiggins

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD Research Student studying coastal processes, beach response and rotation.


Plymouth Coastal Observatory - Plymouth University (2011-2015)

BSc. (Hons) Ocean Science - Plymouth University (2010)

Richard Huish College

Professional membership

IMarEST - Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology

Key publications are highlighted

Valiente NG, McCarroll RJ, Masselink G, Scott T & Wiggins M 2019 'Multi-annual embayment sediment dynamics involving headland bypassing and sediment exchange across the depth of closure' Geomorphology 343, 48-64 , DOI PEARL
Wiggins M, Scott T, Masselink G, Russell P & Valiente NG 2019 'Regionally-Coherent Embayment Rotation: Behavioural Response to Bi-Directional Waves and Atmospheric Forcing' Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 7, (4) 116-116 , DOI PEARL
Wiggins M, Scott T, Masselink G, Russell P & McCarroll RJ 2018 'Coastal embayment rotation: Response to extreme events and climate control, using full embayment surveys' Geomorphology 327, 385-403 , DOI PEARL
Other Publications
McCarroll RJ, Masselink G, Wiggins M, Scott T, Billson O, Conley D & Valiente N 0 Storm Emma, Start Bay 2018 (BLUE-coast project). 0 0 PEARL