Martin Beck

Martin Beck

Lecturer (Education)

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Stage tutor for stage 2:

    BSc (Hons) Computing.
    BSc (Hons) Computer Science
    BSc (Hons) Computing and Games Development

Member of  Faculty of Science and Environment Ethics Committee.


BA (Hons) Psychology

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

MSc Intelligent Systems for Engineering Design

Teaching interests

Module Leader:

SOFT144: Software Engineering for Games Development

AINT206: Artificial Intelligence for Games Development


AINT301:  Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life

SOFT333: Graphics

Previous Modules:

SOFT234: Network Programming II

SOFT141: Network Programming 1

SOFT221: Server-side Programming and Development

SOFT232: Software Development for Digital Arts

AINT203:  An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

SOFT504: Programming for Intelligent Interactive Systems

ISAD503:  Human Computer Interaction


Other research

Involved with the Arch-OS project

Book Chapters

Rafiq, Y., Beck, M., Packham, I and Denham S., (2005) Evolutionary Computation and Visualisation as Decision Support tools for Conceptual Building Design. (Invited paper) In  Topping, B. H. V (Ed) Innovation In Civil and Structural Engineering Computing, chapter 3, pp 49-74, Saxe-Coburg Publications,

Parmee, I. C. and Beck, M. A. (1997) An Evolutionary, Agent-Assisted Strategy For Conceptual Design Space Decomposition.   In D. Corne and J. L. Shapiro (eds.), Evolutionary Computing: Selected Papers from the 1997 AISB International Workshop, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science. .

Journals De Wilde, P., Rafiq, Y., and Beck, M. (2008) Uncertainties in Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Thermal Performance of Domestic Buildings in the UK. Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, 29 (1), 7-26

Rafiq, Y, and Beck, M. (in press)  A Decision Support Tool for Multi-Disciplinary Conceptual Design. The Structural Engineer


Martinez Ortiz, C., M. Beck., N. Barlow, and Wilde, (2011). EWMA based approaches for automated building energy analysis. IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology, Bilbao, Spain, December 14-17 2011 (USB)

Martinez Ortiz, C., D. Pearson, M. Beck, N. Barlow and Wilde, (2012). Developing automated energy management tools. Paper accepted for CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium - Buildings Systems and Services for the 21st Century, London, UK, April 18 2012

Martinez Ortiz, C., D. Pearson, I. Beynon, M. Beck, N. Barlow and P. de Wilde, (2012). Intelligent analysis of monitored utility data. Abstract accepted and paper currently under completion for  EG-ICE 2012, Conference on Intelligent Computing in Engineering, Herrsching, Germany, July 4-6 2012

Rafiq, M. Y.,  Beck, M. & Hughes, N. (2008), “Interactive visualisation as a powerful decision support tool for conceptual design”, Proceeding of the 25th CBI W78 Int. conf. on information technology ‘improving the management of construction projects through IT adoption’, Eedt (Rischmoller, R) 15-15 July, Santiago Chile, pp 156-165. ISBN 978-956-319-361-9

Rafiq, M. Y. & Beck, M. (2008), “A scenario based exploration of multi-disciplinary solution space using a visualisation tool”, Proceeding of the Intelligent Computing in Engineering Conf. edt (Rafiq, Borthwick & de Wilde), Plymouth UK, 2-4 July, pp 46-56. ISBN 978-1-84102-191-1

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De Wilde, P., Beck, M., and Rafiq, Y. (2007) Simulating the Impact of Long Term Change Scenarios on Thermal Performance of Buildings. 10th IBPSA Conference Beijing, China

Rafiq, Y., Beck, M., and De Wilde, P. (2007) How Visualisation Enhances Better Understanding of Thermal Performance of Domestic Buildings. 14th European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE) Workshop

Rafiq, Y., Beck, M., and Packham, I.  (2006) Interactive Visualisation Systems for Conceptual Building Design: A Practical Approach. International Conference on Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics and Construction, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Rafiq, Y, Packham, I and Beck, M. (2005) Importance of Visualisation in Decision Making Process in Engineering Design. International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering (ASCE2005) Cancun, Mexico.


Rafiq, Y., Ekwe, A., Beck, M., and Wigginton, M. (2005) Optimising Intelligent Facades using a Genetic Algorithm. In Keiller, A., Ledbetter, S and Wilkinson, M (Eds.) Glass in Buildings 2, University of Bath.


Beck, M. A. and Parmee, I. C. (1999)  Design Exploration: Extending the Bounds of the Search Space. In Proceedings of IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC),Washington D.C.

Beck, M. A.  and Parmee, I. C. (1999) Extending the Bounds of  the Search Space: A Multi-Population Approach.  In Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO-99, Orlando Florida.

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Beck, M. A. and Parmee, I. C. (1997) An Evolutionary Approach to Conceptual Design Exploration. Workshop on Strategic Knowledge and Concept Formation, Loughborough University.