Dr Melanie Hudson-Smith

Dr Melanie Hudson-Smith

Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Associate Professor in Operations Management
Strategy and Operations Discipline Group Leader


PhD Business & Management awarded 2001 from University of Plymouth.
Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in HE, awarded 2005 from University of Plymouth.
Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CPD qualification), awarded 2008 from Villanova University, USA.

Professional membership

Member of the European Operations Management Association.
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Teaching interests

Research Supervisions:
I am currently supervising six PhD students, covering areas such as sustainable supply chains and business clusters, healthcare quality and patient satisfaction, green ICT and reverse logistics in SMEs.

Other Supervision:
I supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate projects. I am also currently module leader for the final year undergraduate Business Studies dissertation projects.

I teach operations and supply chain management, along with research methods to both undergraduates and postgraduate students.

I am the Group Leader for the Strategy and Operations Discipline Group.

Research interests

Current research is looking at the determinants of patient satisfaction in English GP surgeries and the role of performance measurement in achieving patient satisfaction.

I am also currently researching how to improve University scheduling from a business process perspective.

Previous research  has included:

  • The development of a tool for introducing strategically derived performance measurement systems in smaller firms;
  • Investigations into the issues surrounding the adoption of information systems and ecommerce in small firms;
  • Research into the issues associated with implementing quality improvement tools including lean and 6 sigma in smaller firms.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Uchitha Jayawickrama (2015) - PhD "Knowledge Management Competence for ERP Implementation Success"
Alison Ashby (2015) - PhD "From Principles to Practice: Sustainable Supply Chain Management in SMEs"
Ravi Saxena (2010) - MPhil "The Role of RFID in Improving Product Availability in a UK Apparel Retailer"
Emmanuel Odofin (2009) - MPhil "Implementing Continuous Improvement in Small FIrms"

Grants & contracts

I recently undertook a consultancy project for the Timetabling Unit at Plymouth University, to establish the root causes of timetabling problems.

KTP projects:
Absolute Software Ltd (Lead Academic) August 2010 (3yr Project) Value: £183,094
Beckton Dickinson (Principle Supervisor) July 2010 (2yr Project) Value: £115,010
Danser SW Ltd (Principal Supervisor) Dec 2009 (2yr Project) Value: £118.974
Beran Instruments (Lead Academic) March 2006 - March 2008; Value £99,044.
Wessex Products Ltd (Support Academic) August 2006 - August 2008; Value £99,044.
Delco Toolmakers Ltd (Lead Academic) May 2005 - August 2005; Value £6,709.

Please See my ResearchGate /Google Scholar pages for more details   

Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

  •  Hudson Smith, M. (2015) “Chapter 19: The English PatientExperience: Does Healthcare Service Quality Matter?” Public Service Operations Management (ed.Radnor,Z. and Upton,D.) Routledge eISBN: 9781315747972St John, I. Phippen, A. Hudson Smith, M.(2014) “Chapter 10: Sustainability in Higher Education: SocialResponsibility or Social Reputation?” in: Awira, E. Green TechnologyApplications for Enterprise and Academic Innovation, IGI Global, Hershey, PA.
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 Conference Papers:

  •  Hudson Smith, M (2015) “An operations management approach toimproving University timetabling,” 22nd EurOMA Conference 2015,Neuchatel, Switzerland.
  •  Hudson Smith, M. (2014) “Just what the DoctorOrdered: Measuring Service Quality in GP Practices,” 21st EUROMA Conference2014, Palermo, Sicily
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 Other Publications:

  • Hudson, M. (2000) Continuous Strategic Improvement through Effective Performance Measurement: A Guide for SMEs, University of Plymouth, Plymouth.
  • Bennett, J. Polkinghorne, M. Pearce, J. and Hudson, M. (1999) “Technology Transfer for SMEs,” Engineering Management Journal, 9/2, pp75-80.
  • Burgess, E. and Hudson, M. (1998) ENGAGE Project (Exploiting New Graduates’ Abilities in Growth Enterprises) Final Report, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK.

Other academic activities

Reviewer for the following journals:
International Journal of Operations and Production Management
International Journal of Production Economics
International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management
Production Planning & Control
Management Research News

Reviewer for Int. Performance Measurement Conference.